Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins...

Revealing mistake: Remo, clinging to a tree trunk, is shot at by Grove using a vehicle mounted machine gun. Pieces of trees are seen shot but this is only sound and special effects. There are no muzzle flashes from the machine gun, the cocking handle does not move in time with the shooting, nor does the cartridge belt move through the weapon.

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Revealing mistake: As Chiun watches the soap opera, the camera looks at his fingers touching the floor. If you look carefully, the support for the seat he is sitting on is visible behind his right middle finger.

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Revealing mistake: Remo picks a dry branch off a bush and rubs it to start a fire. When the angle changes, the branch has been dipped in a burnable liquid and easily lights up.

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When Grove is shooting at Remo with the handgun and Remo is ducking the bullets, the trees behind Remo change position throughout the scene.



Chiun says that he is from a village called Sinanju in Korea, and that all martial arts descend from Sinanju, the perfect martial art. In the name of the village, Chiun was telling the truth; it does exist in North Korea. However, the martial art Sinanju is bogus.