Orange County

Orange County (2002)

Plot summary

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Sean was originally a surfer with his friends. But when they arrive at a big wave, one of their friends dies while surfing. Sean is passing a beach and reaches down and finds a book, StraightJacket, by a professor from Stanford. He decides he wants to be a writer and wants to go to Stanford and get away from all the people in Orange County, including his crazy parents the screwed up kids at school, and his jackass brother, Lance. He doesn't get in to Stanford, because his high school counselor sent in the wrong transcript. He is heartbroken, but his girlfriend is able to call in the director of Stanford for an interview at Sean's home. The interview is a disaster. Sean's mom acts drunk, and Lance acts crazy looking for his drug test piss. Sean realizes he will never leave Orange County and falls in his pool. Lance comes to his rescue saying, they will go to Stanford and talk to the dean himself. So Sean, his girlfriend and Lance go to Stanford.

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