Orange County

Orange County (2002)

2 corrected entries

Corrected entry: The lady sent the wrong transcript to Stanford. The transcript she sent was another student's, with his personal information such as his home address. The main character then receives a letter from the college saying he did not get in. The results still would be sent to the other student's address...

Correction: He would still get the results of whether or not her got into the school, because his adress would have been on the original application he had filled out, which is most likely listed in the computer data for that student.

Corrected entry: In the credits of the movie they have Shaun's friend who died listed as Lonny but in the movie whenever they show Lonny's surfboard it is spelled Lonni.

Correction: The surfboard does read 'Lonny' The 'Y' is just printed in a funky style.




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