Orange County

Once at Stanford Sean and his girl find the dean, and Lance breaks into the University building. Sean starts to talk to the dean, but the dean is stressed out. He takes Lance's drugs thinking it's Asprin. The dean is starts acting high, so Sean takes him to the Stanford building. Lance hits on the receptionist at the building and ends up getting it burned down. Meanwhile, the Dean passes out, his girlfriend is angered at Sean for thinking about himself goes to a Frat Party. Sean just walks around campus and meets the professor. The professor says he liked the story and that, "you don't need to get away from Orange County, those crazy characters are people who care about you". Sean agress with him and he picks up Lance and apologizes to his girl. They go back to Orange County.The alterations are by Prateek SrivastavaSean's parents pay for the burned-down building and Sean gets in, but decides to stay in Orange County.


Continuity mistake: When Sean is in the college counsellor's office he gets mad and grabs her from across her desk, suddenly they are at the side of her desk where she knees him in the balls.

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Bud Brumder: If you do this I will eat your face.

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