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Corrected entry: In the scene where Max Goldman is sprayed by John Gustafson with a water hose, Max's son, Jacob says something to the effect of: so what dad, Gustafson has started every fight since 1940? Max replies: no, since 1938! Later on in the movie, when John and Max are fighting on either side of their property fence (when John has the axe), it was revealed that they were fighting since 1937, not 1938.

Correction: Grumpy "OLD" Men - either Max forgot the exact year (in the first instance) or exaggerated (in the second instance), this isn't a mistake.

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Corrected entry: The morning after John and Ariel make love, he goes down to the kitchen to make himself breakfast. He grabs one egg out of the fridge three different times, but in the subsequent shot we see him cooking only two eggs. What happened to the third egg?

Correction: There is no third egg. John opens the refrigerator, grabs two eggs with his right hand which he tosses into the air and catches with his left hand. He does reach into the refrigerator once again, but not to grab another egg. It looks as though he quickly flips down an inner refrigerator compartment door or something. (The eggs could have been in a separate compartment.) He then shuffle-dances to the counter, and grabs a pan. When he turns, you see two eggs in his left hand, and the pan in his right.

Corrected entry: In one of the practical jokes that the characters played by Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon play on each other, Lemmon's character puts a cat on the front seat of the Matthau character's car. He tells the cat to scratch up the front seat, which he does so bad the stuffing is coming out of the seat. But in the next shot of the front seat it's undamaged.

Visible crew/equipment: In the VHS edition, one can see a reflection of a boom mic in the painting above the staircase landing as Ann-Margret goes up the stairs to Jack Lemmon's bathroom, and again when she comes down. (02:51:30)

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Max Goldman: Hey, watch your mouth you dumb friggin' Swede.

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Trivia: When John and his dad are walking to dad's fishing shanty, in the background is a pole with location and mile arrows. One of the arrows says "Rosie's Seoul" - an obvious reference to M*A*S*H, where one of the props is a similar pole.

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