Behind Enemy Lines

Continuity mistake: During the ejection sequence there is a major problem with the parachutes used by the crew. When you see the first parachute open, it is a standard Navy Conical round canopy with 3 colours; Orange, Green and White from the bottom view. A moment later they are flying ram air rectangular parachutes with different colour patterns.

Continuity mistake: When Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson) jumps in front of the red truck to get a ride it slides to the right while the skid marks slide to the left. (01:02:50 - 01:03:55)

Factual error: Gene Hackman's aide was a Master Chief. In the real Navy, an admiral would have a commissioned officer as an aide, such as a Captain or Commander, not a non-commissioned officer, such as a Master Chief.

Factual error: There is a short discussion about famous persons dying on plane crashes with John Denver being mentioned. The movie is set in 1996. John Denver was perfectly alive and well. He died in late 1997. (00:03:40)

Plot hole: According to the last radio conversation between Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman, the final "RP" was "5 clicks East." Why then, after a short run to the pickup ride, did he travel 26km in the pickup to the war-torn town of Hac?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Burnett falls into the graves, those watching the infrared satellite image on the carrier say that after Burnett falls, he never moves. If he doesn't move, then how did get under a body? (00:43:20)

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Continuity mistake: When the tank fires into the building Burnett and the other man flies through the air landing on the floor. When they are about to get up we see broken glass beside Burnett. When it cuts the glass is gone. Also when they land Burnett's head is facing the man. When it cuts they lie feet against feet. (01:08:05)


Factual error: When Bosnian Muslims pick Owen Wilson's character, the car in which they drive has licence plates used only after the Bosnian War. (01:02:50)

Continuity mistake: The plane's weapons are there in some shots and not there in some shots. At 14:22, on the carrier you can clearly see 2 sidewinder missiles on the tips of the wings. At 14:52, they are there but are now blue. At 14:53, as it goes past "SHOOTER" they are gone. 14:57 there again.

Revealing mistake: Gruesome but wrong. When the other pilot is murdered, the killer shoots him in the neck pointing downwards, but the spray of the blood-pack is from his forehead up high. (00:31:20)

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Continuity mistake: After takeoff is aborted, the crew leaves their aircraft on the catapult, still facing the bow of the ship. When Owen Wilson grabs the football and runs to the bow of the ship, in the background there is no aircraft lined up on the catapult. (00:04:30)

Factual error: When the football falls in the water, the crew yells "Wilson". This is not a reference to the actor's real name but a semi-obscure reference to the ball in the movie "Cast Away". These movies were released very close together and so the likelihood that a movie-viewer would get the joke is certainly possible. However, the movie takes place in 1996, and "Cast Away" was released in 2000. (00:05:30)

Factual error: NATO officials are not against sending missions to rescue soldiers behind enemy lines. In fact, they are more than willing to send a rescue mission if there is a soldier behind enemy lines. Piquet would have been punished for trying to stop the rescue mission, and for only caring about the peace treaty, as NATO officials would not have tolerated Piquet's bad attitude towards the rescue mission, or him only caring about the peace treaty. They know that rescue missions do not start wars because peace treaties have mechanisms to prevent just that.

Factual error: The exploding fuel tanks are dropped and explode to distract the Surface to Air missile. Problem: When the tanks are dropped, the SAM is only fractions of a second behind our hero's Jet. Assuming the fuel tanks would explode on impact, that would take several seconds to make a fireball. By then the jet and the SAM would be long past the fireball. (00:23:00)

Plot hole: While parachuting from a shot down aircraft, why would a trained air force flight crew with a steerable parachute bypass the broad, open landing site to land in trees? (00:26:30)

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Suggested correction: To land closer to his injured navigator.

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If he knew where his navigator was.

Continuity mistake: In the launch scene of the recon mission, one camera shot is centered on the aircraft's lower fuselage as it is moving on the catapult towards and to the right of the camera. If you look closely, you will notice that there are rounded intakes on the aircraft. Those intakes are only on the regular Hornet (F/A-18A-D). The Super Hornet (F/A-18E/F) has rectangular intakes like the Tomcat. (00:14:50)

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Continuity mistake: Right after Stackhouse and Brunett has been spotted flying by the serbian soldiers and the soldier enters Lokar's office, we see Lokar resting his head in his hand while holding a cigarette. When it cuts he is no longer resting his head but he takes a lung full up smoke instead. (00:17:45)


Revealing mistake: When the tank bursts into the building it fires and Burnett flies through the air landing on a table. It is a stunt double, cause his hair is shorter and darker. (01:09:45)


Factual error: Most of the film footage shows the F-18E/F model "Super Hornet." At the time of the Bosnian conflict, this aircraft was not yet in service and was not slated to enter service until 2002. First flight: December, 1995. First carrier landing test: 1997. Entered Service: 2002/03.

Admiral Reigart: Let's go get our boy back.

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Trivia: The Sky News reporter character in the movie is in fact Aernout Van Lynden, who was a real war correspondent with over twenty years of experience in the Middle East and the Balkans.


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Question: What was Lokar hiding? And why did he want to keep it a secret?

Answer: Lokar was conducting a genocidal campaign against the Bosniak population, a severe war crime. The photos of the mass grave would have exposed him.


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