Behind Enemy Lines

Other mistake: When Stackhouse and Burnett are being chased by the SAM, they pull to the right after deploying flares and you hear a voice on the radio say "Chaff, Chaff, Chaff". Chaff is a cartridge of small metal strips released as a countermeasure for radar guided missiles. These small strips add noise to the radar and clutters it up giving the pilot about 5 seconds to evade the missile. Throughout the scene, several indicators such as the flares and exploding fuel tanks suggest that they are fleeing from a Heat-seeking missile, not a radar guided one. To add to this, the voice on the radio wasn't that of Stackhouse or Burnett and was added for radio effect. (00:20:20)

Other mistake: The Admiral gives Burnett a dressing down for his bar fight on Sept 23 and then a month later another complaint at a Chinese New Year party. This would mean the New Year was in October, but they are always in January or February. (00:10:00)

Other mistake: At the very end, in the helicopter, Gene Hackman is wearing a full helmet with a mouthpiece so he could hear and talk to the people in the helicopter and back at the ship; Owen Wilson is not wearing a helmet or a mouthpiece. There is no way Owen Wilson could hear what Gene Hackman is saying and vice versa. Battle helicopters are very noisy; you must have a helmet to hear and a mouthpiece in order to speak to be heard.


Other mistake: When they show the Super Hornet ready to take off on the carrier we see lots of people standing around watching on the deck. The people are there because it is file footage of the aircraft's first carrier trials on the USS Harry S. Truman in 1998. As they bothered to CG paint over the trial markings on the plane, they could have erased the people at the same time.

Plot hole: As Burnett runs through the minefield, he clearly runs right into much of the exploding debris. Why does not even one bit of shrapnel hit him? (00:55:15)

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Admiral Reigart: Let's go get our boy back.

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Trivia: The Sky News reporter character in the movie is in fact Aernout Van Lynden, who was a real war correspondent with over twenty years of experience in the Middle East and the Balkans.


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Question: What was Lokar hiding? And why did he want to keep it a secret?

Answer: Lokar was conducting a genocidal campaign against the Bosniak population, a severe war crime. The photos of the mass grave would have exposed him.


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