Black Sheep

Other mistake: The article on the right-hand side of "The Olympian" seen at the end of the film is the same one seen on the right hand side of the "Daily Journal of Commerce" that Tracy looks at after chopping down the tree. Although the 2nd column of print in the "Daily Journal of Commerce" is now the 1st column of print in "The Olympian."


Other mistake: When we see the front page picture of Mike with the alcohol and joint, he's pouring the alcohol over his bottom lip and chin, going down the front of his shirt. This doesn't match what we see him do. It does appear that Mike spilt alcohol on himself when off camera, but the wet spot is on the right side of his jacket, but not down the front.


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Mike: I'm just dandy, I got a bowl of chocolate pudding in my underpants.
Steve: We didn't have any pudding in there buddy.

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Trivia: When Mike (Chris Farley) pretends to be a security officer at Rock the Vote, the 2 security guards standing behind him are Kevin and John Farley, Chris Farley's real life brothers.


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Question: When Chris Farley's character it talking for his brother at the concert, he sees the black guys he was smoking weed with and tells the audience to "kill whitey" which stuns the audience into silence. I have heard this phrase before. What does it mean?


Chosen answer: It means kill the white man.


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