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Corrected entry: Throughout the scene when Chris Farley is on stage at the rock concert. You can see the camera man holding the big camera on his shoulder whenever there's an overhead shot of the crowd. Especially when Chris Farley reaches to the crowd to give high fives.


Correction: It's a "Rock The Vote" concert for the Al's campaign for Governor. Obviously they are going to have cameras there filming the event. Therefore why shouldn't we see cameras on screen?


Corrected entry: When Chris Farley gets his tie stuck in the back of the trunk of a car and is being dragged behind it, one can see the metal plate (or whatever it is) which he is gliding on.

Correction: I watched the scene to try to catch a glimpse of the metal plate. The fact that the submitter isn't even sure if it's a metal plate makes it suspicious that they actually saw anything and aren't merely guessing. The sparks are suppose to be from the metal campaign buttons and his metal belt buckle, which the submitter might have mistaken for a metal plate.


Corrected entry: This was not the first time that Chris Farley and David Spade had teamed up for a movie. Tommy Boy was a cult classic and featured them driving around in a car that bares a striking resemblance to the car that Mike Donnoly owns in this movie.

Correction: Richard had a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX. Mike is seen driving either a 1968 Ford Mustang (when dropping off the kid) or a 1969 Pontiac Bonneville. Although they are all convertibles, they are 3 distinct and different cars.


Corrected entry: When Mike and Steve are campaigning at the grocery store and Mike helps the elderly couple put their bags in the trunk you can see the bags sitting in the trunk. When the elderly couple get in the car and they show Mike again, right before he shuts his tie in the trunk, you don't see any bags at all.

Correction: When he closes the trunk you see two of the bags. The most prominent one is the one with the red box stick partly out. The other two bags have just been pushed further down into the big trunk and off the lip. But we see Mike do a move that could be him pushing two of the bags down.


Corrected entry: Al Donelly is leaving the football field in his limo and is talking about what to do about his brother. When David Spade talks to Al through the microphone he calls him Mike Donelly.

Correction: He does not call him Mike Donnelly, he says "Mr. About-to-be-governor-elect Donnelly."


Corrected entry: When the cabin is hit by the boulder, the refrigerator door comes open and all the food comes out. The bed is also knocked from its place. When Mike and Steve enter the cabin, the refrigerator door is still attached and the bed looks like it never moved.

Correction: The bed doesn't move, somehow it's completely stationary even as everything else shifts forward with the house.

Corrected entry: When Mike is rolling down the hill, the voting slip flies out of his hand. When he reaches the bottom of the hill, it is still in his hand.

Correction: No, it doesn't. He has that voting pamphlet in his hand at all times. I think they even had him make a point of showing it during each break in the fall; as in when he first stands before the ground breaks under him again, then for the "thank you, little root" line.

Corrected entry: When Mike and Steve meet for the first time, Mike is working on his car. He slams the hood onto his thumbs and is trapped. He then asks Steve to help him. Before Steve actually opens the hood, Mike moves his hands giving Steve better access to the hood release, which would impossible because his thumbs are caught by the closed hood.

Correction: He doesn't move his hands at all, besides tilting them down a little bit since his fingers would be in the way of the rising hood. However, no movement that would have been restricted by his thumbs being caught was made.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mike and Steve are playing checkers, when Steve is still trying to win, he dupes Mike into making a move that will be favorable to him. However, he neglects to turn a single jump into a double jump that will land him in the king's row.

Correction: Character decision/mistake. Not a plot hole.

Corrected entry: When the rocks are rolling down toward the house Richard says "What's Goin' on?" without his lips moving.

Correction: The entry is referring to David Spade's character whose name is Steve in Black Sheep, but they put Richard which is David Spade's name in Tommy Boy.

Revealing mistake: When they're trying to get rid of the bat at the cabin, they hold up a sheet to force it out of the door, however when they reach the door, you can see the bat being pulled up with string or wire.


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Governor Tracy: Now you'll have to tell me your name so I know who to make the check out to.
Clyde: My best friends call me Cash.

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Trivia: The older woman who accuses David Spade of playing "pocket pool" is director Penelope Spheeris' mother, "Gypsy" Spheeris.

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Question: When Chris Farley's character it talking for his brother at the concert, he sees the black guys he was smoking weed with and tells the audience to "kill whitey" which stuns the audience into silence. I have heard this phrase before. What does it mean?


Chosen answer: It means kill the white man.


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