Corrected entry: When the boys are in the restaurant, Clang slices their table in half. One of the boys' soup bowls is cut in half as well, but the soup stays in the bowl instead of spilling out.

Correction: This is a deliberate joke - they are showing that the blade is so sharp and cuts so quickly that it passes through the bowl too fast for the soup to spill out.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Ringo and Paul are in the bathroom and the hand dryer starts sucking up Ringo's arm when he is standing right beside it only his sleeve rips off but when George walks in a bit later his whole shirt rips off from across the room. Why does George's shirt come apart so easily compared to Ringo's clothing?

Correction: Poor tailoring. Or more properly, comic license. It's a comedy; illogical events are there to provide the humor. Obviously no vacuum the size of a hand dryer would be powerful enough to suck the clothes off a person from across the room.

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Corrected entry: After the two scientists have driven off with Ringo in the boot of the car, they notice George jumping on the back of the car. But when they stop, they don't notice George opening the boot to get the wheelbrace out, or that the boot is still open when they drive off, even though the boot lid obscures the rear window.

Correction: Algernon and Professor Foot are completely preoccupied with getting the car re-started and don't notice anything outside the car. The fact that George is able to take the lug nuts off without them seeing him is part of the joke. Remember, Algernon and Professor Foot aren't really that smart; they think one indestructible rock will give them the power to "rule the world".

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where John, George and Ringo are about to take their seat in the restaurant, look closely at the mirror on the wall. You can see Paul dancing with Ahme. However, when John then asks, 'Are you eating too, Paul?' and the shot cuts to Paul, the original belly dancer, not yet replaced by Ahme, is the one dancing.

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Superintendent: So this is the famous ring?
Ringo: I'm in fear of me life, you know.
Superintendent: And these are the famous Beatles?
John: So this is the famous Scotland Yard, eh?
Superintendent: And how long do you think you'll last?
John: Can't say fairer than that. The Great Train Robbery, eh? How's that going?

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Trivia: The title, 'Help', had to be reconsidered when it was discovered that another company were making a film of the same title, so an exclamation mark was added to differentiate it.

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