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Engineer: Boys! Are you buzzing?
John: No thanks, we've got the car.

Paul: My skin's soaked right through to the skin.

George: I'm always getting winked at these days. It used to be you didn't it Paul?

John: There's somebody been in this soup.

Professor Foot: Voltage, Voltage! Up up. Up up.
Paul: Up, up.
John: Up.
Ringo: Are you sure I'm earthed?
Algernon: Oh no! Er, hold on, thank you.

John: Get me the Home Office. He's wrecking my home.

Ahme: Hold! Release him or I shoot, and I am a dead-eye shot, shooting.

Professor Foot: MIT was after me, you know. Wanted me to rule the world for them.

Ringo: I like operations. They give you a sense of outlook, don't they?

Superintendent: So this is the famous ring?
Ringo: I'm in fear of me life, you know.
Superintendent: And these are the famous Beatles?
John: So this is the famous Scotland Yard, eh?
Superintendent: And how long do you think you'll last?
John: Can't say fairer than that. The Great Train Robbery, eh? How's that going?

Professor Foot: It's the brain drain, his brain's draining.

John: Stop dragging things down to your own level, it's immature son.
Ringo: I thought, Well I... I thought she was a sandwich, 'til she went spare on me hand.

Clang: Take this hastily scribbled note, hastily to acting Lance Corporal Bhuta. Off.

Professor Foot: With a ring like that I could dare I say it? Rule the world.

Bhuta: It's cold, it's a cold place.

Ringo: They have to paint me red before they chop me. It's a different religion from ours. I think.

George: How's your equilibrium ring?
Ringo: How's yours? You lied again, George.
George: How'd you know it's not you that's lied.
Ringo: Cause I never am. Am I, Paul?
Paul: Yeah, you are.

George: Hey, you're all red again.
Ringo: I know, I'm beginning to like it.

Superintendent: Oh come on now lads, don't be windy, where's that famous pluck?
John: I haven't got any, have you George?
George: Did have.
Paul: I have had.
Ringo: I will have! Lead on.

George: What's your electric bill like?
Algernon: Sort of a long counterfoil.

Continuity mistake: The scene where the wheel falls off the car is obviously not the first take as the bottom edge of the rear wing is already damaged from where it hits the ground. It wasn't damaged in the previous shot, when George is undoing the wheel nuts.

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Trivia: At many points in the movie, the music playing in the background are slightly different versions of the song "A Hard Day's Night." This was the title track from the Beatles previous movie.

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