Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Continuity mistake: As Hawes walks down the stairs he begins to lose control of the shovels as one gets caught up in a vine on the side of the steps and as they twist away in his hands he nearly drops them. He stops on the 3rd step from the bottom to adjust the shovels. In the next shot he's on the 4th step and both shovels are stacked neatly on his shoulder as he walks down the steps without a problem. (00:02:01)


Other mistake: When Sissy gets up off the bed, if you look behind her you can see Jason going back towards the woods. He was supposed to be walking past their window which is why she saw his shadow.

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning when the girl is in the mud Jason rams a pole through her head. At the moment when the camera backs up and you see Jason and the girl in the puddle, there is someone's head moving into the picture at the bottom right corner then moves away. You can see a shadow too.

Plot hole: When the sheriff and his deputy find the remains of Roy this is just a few yards away from Darren and Lizbeth's car. It's hard to believe that none of the five people in the paintball game came across the car or the bodies while they were all walking around.

Continuity mistake: When the sheriff first drives into the camp, the red and blue lights on top of his police car change position from shot to shot.

Plot hole: After Jason is "shocked" back to life, Tommy gets into his grave and is trying to get the metal pole out of Jason. During this time, Jason is looking directly at Tommy while he's trying to get the pole out. And Tommy looks right at Jason a couple times, so he should know he's alive, But Tommy doesn't realize he's alive until he grabs him from behind.

Plot hole: Katie calls out that the game is over and Stan and Larry protest because no-one has seen Roy. Roy is not on their team so Roy's status doesn't matter to them. He is on the yellow team with Katie, and they are the only ones left so the game is over. Katie's response doesn't make much sense either. It doesn't matter if Roy is still out there or if he shot himself or got lost. Roy is on her team so the game is over. (00:23:50)


Other mistake: Lizbeth doesn't push the clutch when slams the breaks so the car should have stalled out. You don't see or hear the car stall, and she does not have to restart the car. (00:13:32)


Other mistake: Lizbeth shifts gears and never touches the clutch. While not impossible she would have to rev the engine just right to get it in gear which she does not appear to do. (00:13:25)


Continuity mistake: Tommy's got Jason's mask with the crack in it but the strap is fixed. Part 4 saw his sister cut the left strap in half, knocking it off Jason's face. (00:10:15)


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Suggested correction: In Part 4 Jason's mask has snap on buttons connecting the straps to the mask. When Trish swings the machete at Jason she grazes the mask under the strap and it just unsnapped, it did not cut the strap. This is visible in the closeup of the mask on the ground where it falls. The real mistake here is the mask in this movie is different and does not use snap on buttons to attach the straps. The straps are attached with rivets that don't pop off.


Other mistake: When Nikki gets pulled in the bathroom in the RV, she's screaming and kicking all over the place making the door come way out. Cort couldn't hear her because of the loud music but he saw the struggle and did nothing.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Jason kills Court while Court is driving the motorhome, watch as Jason removes the knife from a sheath on his right side to kill Court. Then, the motorhome crashes and Jason exits. When Jason exits and stands on the motorhome, you can see the same exact knife in the sheath on his right side again.

Continuity mistake: In the film Cort is making out with Nikki in the motor home and his tank top rolls up and it's above his nipples. In the following shot the shirt is rolled back down again. (00:33:45)

Audio problem: Cort turns up the Alice Cooper song, but the volume remains the same. (00:37:40)

Allen Hawes: You just have to see that Jason's dead, right? Seeing his corpse ain't gonna stop your hallucinations.
Tommy: Seeing it won't, but destroying it will. Jason belongs in Hell - and I'm gonna see to it that he gets there.

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Trivia: Director Tom McLoughlin revealed in a 2017 interview that he was approached at one point to write and direct the seventh installment of the series after "Jason Lives" proved popular. Knowing the studio wanted to make "Freddy VS Jason" at that point but couldn't due to legal rights, McLoughlin pitched another crossover idea - "Cheech and Chong Meet Jason", a farcical comedy starring the stoner comedy-duo in the vein of the old Universal "Abbot and Costello Meet..." films. The producer thought the film would do well with comedy audiences and was entertained by the idea, but ultimately decided it would alienate horror fans too much and it never moved forward.

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Question: Who would have a tombstone made for Jason?

Answer: Someone who wanted to let people know that Jason was truly dead. That the crazed killer of Camp Crystal Lake would no longer be loose in the world.

Answer: Probably regulations so they wouldn't dig up that plot to bury someone else there.


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