Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Other mistake: In the final scene of the movie, Megan starts a boat motor and uses the propeller to hit Jason in the face, who has been chained down underwater. But if Jason can only barely reach her foot from underwater, there's no way the boat propeller is underwater far enough to reach his face. (01:17:50)

Other mistake: The road block would have been visible to Megan before she turned her head and said "keep an eye out for road blocks". (00:50:00)


Other mistake: When Sissy gets up off the bed, if you look behind her you can see Jason going back towards the woods. He was supposed to be walking past their window which is why she saw his shadow.

Other mistake: Lizbeth doesn't push the clutch when slams the breaks so the car should have stalled out. You don't see or hear the car stall, and she does not have to restart the car. (00:13:32)


Other mistake: Lizbeth shifts gears and never touches the clutch. While not impossible she would have to rev the engine just right to get it in gear which she does not appear to do. (00:13:25)


Other mistake: When Nikki gets pulled in the bathroom in the RV, she's screaming and kicking all over the place making the door come way out. Cort couldn't hear her because of the loud music but he saw the struggle and did nothing.

Revealing mistake: When the counselors show up at camp with groceries, Paula and Cort walk away with bags to take inside. However if you watch the reflection in the side of the truck closely you can see them sit down and wait for the scene to end. (00:17:55)

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Tommy: I went to go cremate Jason but I fucked up.
Deputy Rick: You got that right.

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Question: Normally, whenever Jason gets shot, struck with a machete or an axe, or stabbed with a knife, he shrugs it off. So why was he angry when Roy shot him with a paint gun?


Chosen answer: He wasn't really angry, more like confused and annoyed at having paint shot at him.

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