Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Revealing mistake: When the counselors show up at camp with groceries, Paula and Cort walk away with bags to take inside. However if you watch the reflection in the side of the truck closely you can see them sit down and wait for the scene to end. (00:17:55)

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the film, when Tommy and Megan are driving towards the camp, a shot is reused from the earlier police chase scene. You can tell by the reflection of the red police lights in the trees. (01:00:15)

Revealing mistake: When the clumsy guy is running in the forest you see him tripping in some bushes. Then some wire, probably used to tie up the bushes, gets stuck in his feet and he is struggling to get it away as he is stumbling. In the next shot the wire is gone. (00:22:05)


Revealing mistake: When Jason kills the guy in the RV (by driving a knife through his head) have a look at the handle of the knife wobble when he bumps his head against the window. (00:39:10)

Revealing mistake: When Tommy goes to the Sheriff's station to warn everybody about Jason, Sheriff Garris ignores this warning. Tommy freaks out and grabs a shotgun but Sheriff Garris throws him to Deputy Rick, who drops the fast-food boxes he was holding. We can see and hear that these boxes are empty when they go flying. (00:10:40)

Revealing mistake: In the film Tommy runs to his truck after Jason has been brought back to life. Tommy is seen jumping into his truck and the engine rev's before he has even put the key in the ignition. (00:08:10)

Revealing mistake: When Jason rams the iron pole through the windshield of his first victim's car, the windshield breaks like normal glass. (00:13:50)


Revealing mistake: During the Paintball game, Jason decapitates 3 players who are standing side by side all in one swing of his machete, unfortunately all 3 people are of completely different height to each other so there is no way he could have decapitated them all at once. Also, even a viewer with the poorest eye sight can see the boxes the 3 dummies are standing on when their heads fly off. (00:23:15)

Revealing mistake: When we see a closeup of Jason opening his eyes for the first time he is supposed to be lying down in his coffin. One of the maggots falls across his face. If he was really lying down the maggot would never fall like that. (00:06:15)


Revealing mistake: When the lightning strikes the metal pole in Jason's grave for the second time, a wire is visible attached to the tree where the electrical explosion appears. (00:06:00)


Revealing mistake: When the main girl finds the decapitated head in the car towards the end, you can see that it's just a doll. (01:09:55)

Revealing mistake: The windshield wipers on the RV have disappeared along with the blinds and curtains. Also the driver appears to be wearing a helmet. (00:39:26)


Revealing mistake: During the chase scene when Tommy makes the turn towards the cemetery and the police car follows, you can see Colone is not in the passenger seat. The passenger is wearing glasses and has a seatbelt on and Colone has neither. (00:25:12)


Revealing mistake: To the right of Lizbeth out the window you can see a U shape metal object that is not there in the next shot when she begins to back up. (00:12:40)


Revealing mistake: When Jason turns to heart punch Hawes his hand is already bloody before he punches. The blood flies off his hand when he pulls his arm back. A piece of bloody meat can be seen on top of his hand when his arm comes forward. (00:08:12)


Revealing mistake: You can see the light used to simulate lightning turn on and off in the reflection of the eye. The light is circular and right beside another stage light. Real lightning would have outshined the other light and the entire pupil would have flashed white. You can also see it again in the next closeup of the eye. (00:07:00)


Revealing mistake: You can see through the RV and it has been gutted. It's completely empty except for a stuntman that is sitting in the middle and not the drivers seat because the RV is about to land on the driver's side. (00:40:56)


Revealing mistake: Some of the shots in the woods are meant to be a burned out part of forest but the trees are just spray painted black. It obvious because in a fire all the tiny branches, vines and leaves on the forest floor would have completely burned. You can also see where the paint stops around the sides of some the trees and branches. (00:24:00)


Revealing mistake: In front of Jason a few of the vines painted with black spray paint are visible. You can see where the paint stops around the sides. (00:20:58)


Revealing mistake: Jason spears Darren in the stomach but the in the next shot the pole is not impaling him at all it's between his legs. Darren appears to be sitting on it as he jumps or is lifted up does the splits to avoid hitting Jason then brings his legs back together to land. (00:14:26)


Other mistake: In the final scene of the movie, Megan starts a boat motor and uses the propeller to hit Jason in the face, who has been chained down underwater. But if Jason can only barely reach her foot from underwater, there's no way the boat propeller is underwater far enough to reach his face. (01:17:50)

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Deputy Rick: Megan, don't clown around.
Megan: I'm not the one with the funny red nose. Now, open the cell and let him out.
Deputy Rick: Meggie.
Megan: I'm not kidding.
Tommy: You better do as she says, because wherever the red dot goes, you bang.

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Question: Why did Jason go into the children's cabin the first and second times? And why did he just draw close to Nancy when she saw him?


Chosen answer: The first and second visits are unexplained. However he drew close to Nancy to install fear in her.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Yes, I don't believe he was trying to scare her; I think he was just looking at her out of genuine curiosity.

Answer: In all his attacks he's never killed children, it's like he's never seen them before. Plus, it's almost he trying to recall memories of what he's looking at. "Where have I seen these little people before."

The children might possibly remind Jason of his own days at the camp when he was a child, before he drowned.

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