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Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001)

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Corrected entry: When Mike is talking about Gary Wackett, he says he's started 26 games, but has only finished five. When Martin Bashir is interviewing the player, he asks him why he's been sent off 25 times. Last I saw, 26-5=21.

Correction: Wacket might have been brought on as a substitute in the four other matches he was sent off in, hence not 'starting' the games.

Corrected entry: When Mike Bassett is playing in goal, he tries to kick the ball away after a backpass but misses it. In those days (seventies or even eighties) the keeper would have just picked the ball up. The no back-pass rule didn't come into play until 1992.

Correction: Perhaps he chose to kick it rather than pick it up. Just because you were allowed to pick the ball up doesn't mean you had to.

Andy Benham Premium member

Corrected entry: Mike is seen boarding a GNER train to get from Norwich to London. However GNER runs between London and Edinburgh, going no where near Norwich.

Correction: They certainly go to Norwich, there is a service at least every hour from King's Cross that actually stops there.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: After winning the FA Cup, Norwich City parade through the town with it. However, the city centre used is not Norwich - it is St Albans.

Correction: Not a mistake. Quite often film and tv locations are filmed away from where they set due to cost and practicality. Only a mistake if there is an obvious reference to the host city, a landmark or a sign.

Corrected entry: England's centre back Gary Wackett was sent off against Slovenia and would have got an automatic two match ban. Instead he played in the very next game against Egypt.

Correction: Actually, in some cases, it's possible to be sent off, but have your ban start a game or two later. I've seen it happen many times.

Corrected entry: In the shot when the league table for the qualifying group is flashed up on the screen, before England's final group game, the table can't be right, since the total number of defeats in the table does not equal the total number of wins.

Correction: Since when does the total number of defeats in the table need to equal the number of wins? Don't forget draws. Looking at the table, every team has played 9 games. England have won 4 games, drawn 2 games and lost 3 games. 4+2+3=9 games played. The table is perfectly correct. If you are asking why England have 11 in the "F" column" and 12 in the "A" column - these columns are not about wins or losses. They stand for the number of goals scored by England (F), and the number of goals conceded by England (A).


Er, no! For every team that wins in a League/group another team must lose. So, regardless of draws, total defeats in the group so as whole and total wins must be the same. By the same token, the total number of draws on the table must be an even number.

Visible crew/equipment: As Mike gets into the lift on his first day at the FA you can see the boom mike reflected in the mirror at the back of the lift.

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Kevin Tonkinson: Why aye! It's the England reserves.
Irish player: Shut your mouth, ya proddy bollocks.
Alan Massey: What's the accent for? You're a cockney, you mug.

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Trivia: Comedian Phil Jupitus, makes a cameo appearance in this film as a journalist at the press conference at the start of the film.

Joe Mc

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