Mike Bassett: England Manager
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Mike: Alright, Smallsy? Eh, you've got the best part of the dressing room, there - that's Charlton's lucky peg, that is.
Smallsy: Hey, hear that lads? I've got Bobby Charlton's lucky peg.
Mike: No - Jackie's.

Kevin Tonkinson: Why aye! It's the England reserves.
Irish player: Shut your mouth, ya proddy bollocks.
Alan Massey: What's the accent for? You're a cockney, you mug.

Mike: Ladies and gentlemen. England will be playing Four-Four-Fucking Two.

Interviewer: ...And what would your father say if he could see you now?
Mike: Oh, he'd probably quote Kipling or something, 'Walk with kings and all that' You see, he was like a father figure to me.
Interviewer: Well, obviously.

Factual error: On the England shirt, you can see the badge where the three lions logo should be. But it is not there. It is the badge the England Cricket team wear on the sleeves on their shirts. [I'm assuming that the FA didn't give permission for the three lions logo to be used, but it is still a mistake].

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Trivia: In the opening scene of the film, the country representatives discuss potential premier league managers who could be England manager. For reasons of libel, they can't mention them by name but it's clear to football fans who the managers really are: "Ally MacTavish" is the most successful manager in the Premier League, having won the premier league 5 times, the FA cup 3 times and the Champion's league. The only problem is that he is Scottish, so will not want to manage England. This man is based on Sir Alex Ferguson, the Scottish manager of Manchester United, and the most successful manager in the premier league. "Young Jackson" the manager who has worked wonders managing Liverpool and is a superb formed player himself, but is turned down by the FA for being "a bit mouthy" is Brian Clough. He was one of the English league's top goalscorers, and hailed by many to have been "the best manager England never had." Despite being willing to do the job, Clough was turned down by the FA on three occasions because his abrasive, confrontational personality was disapproved of.


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