Corrected entry: When Mulan cut her hair with the sword, by the way she cut it, the hair would have ended up with the end on a slant.

Correction: Mulan cut her hair in small parts, not all in one go, so there wouldn't really be a visible slant.

Corrected entry: As the Captain is about to enter the medical tent to see 'Ping' a flag is noticeable on the side. It is Japan's flag, not China's.

Correction: At the time when this movie takes place, that was NOT Japan's flag. Japan's flag at this time was a red circle with red sun-like rays coming from it. Besides, even if that wasn't how it was, you can see that the red circle on the tent is not on a rectangular white field, like your average flag is, but on a white, square-shaped field that is standing on one corner, like a diamond.

Corrected entry: When Mulan is being made over to go to the Matchmaker, her grandmother gives her beads of jade. At first she wears the beads over her clothes, but in the next shot they're tucked in. (00:08:05)

Correction: She is seen tucking the beads into her shirt when the scene changes before the umbrella twirl.

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Continuity mistake: The wagon, which is full of explosives, is on fire, so Mulan cuts Kahn (the horse) free with her sword and jumps onto Khan. She starts to ride away, while she holds the reins in her left hand and the sword with her right hand, up in the air. The wagon explodes and in the next shot, she still holds the reins in her left hand, though the sword, still in midair in her right hand, is now actually in its sheath, which is always attached to the left side of her belt. Some arrows are missing on the ground as well. Then her sheathed sword lands on the ground beside her. (00:53:45)

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Mulan: You shouldn't have to go.
Fa Li: Mulan.
Mulan: There are plenty of young men to fight for China.
Fa Zhou: It is an honor to protect my country and my family.
Mulan: So you'll die for honor.
Fa Zhou: I will die doing what's right.
Mulan: But if you.
Fa Zhou: I know my place! It is time you learned yours.

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Trivia: Shang's horse has dots on the base of his neck and on his butt on both sides that are little "Hidden Mickeys".


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Question: Who are the three guardians shown in the shrine?

Answer: They are members of the Chinese zodiac. Mushu (the dragon) is also a member. It is assumed that the other eight animals are present.

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