Corrected entry: When Mulan and the other girls go to see the matchmaker they are all wearing kimonos. A kimono is a traditional Japanese 'dress' composed of a lot of fabric and accessories including an obi whereas the Chinese would were a cheongsam which is a very simple 'dress' made of a minimal amount of fabric and no accessories.

Correction: This is not an error. Mulan wears a 'hanfu' - the traditional Chinese clothing which has been worn for thousands of years in China, and which influenced the Japanese kimono. The Chinese 'cheongsam' is actually a very modern Chinese costume.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, Mushu refers to Mulan's horse as a cow, but when their fireworks are going off and Mulan detaches it from her cart, Mushu says, "Oh, sure, save the horse."

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Correction: Just because he likes to kid her about it being a cow, doesn't mean he can't ever call it a horse.

Corrected entry: When Shan Yu holds the doll and says "We should return it to her", his lips don't match his dialogue.

Correction: Yes they do.

Corrected entry: You can see the whites in the eyes of nearly every horse in the movie, but in real life you can't see the whites in horses' eyes at all.

Correction: Animating a horse without showing the white in its eye would give it a really evil look. If you look at the humans their faces aren't exactly proportional, when you animate you have to make changes in appearences.

Corrected entry: Whilst singing "I'll make a man out of you", the soldiers have to jump on sort of stepping stone things which look about a metre apart from one another. When Chim Po sings the line, "Boy, do I wish I knew how to swim", he stops and the other soldiers are right behind him. If you look closely you will see that a number of them are standing in thin air.

Correction: Chien Po stops so quickly, the soldiers are squished together. They're not really standing in thin air; they're being supported by each other.

Corrected entry: When Mulan's Dad realises she has gone he runs after her, it is a wet night and he falls over, when he gets up he isn't caked in mud.

Correction: He falls on hard stone. Therefore there is no mud.

Correction: That was put in for the humor of the cartoon to give it a more spooky feeling. It's artistic license.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mulan wipes off her make up while she is singing, her lipstick comes off easily, but it should have smeared on her face.


Correction: In reality it would have but it doesn't have to if this is a cartoon.

Corrected entry: How would the rest of the Huns (after the avalanche) be able to beat Mulan to the Imperial City when they only have two feet and Mulan has a horse?


Correction: The Huns are closer to the city than Mulan is and they know the city very well. They most likely know a shortcut to get to the city because if they didn't and went the way Mulan did they would have been spotted.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mushu breaks the Great Stone Dragon, he hits the statue with his banger thing, breaks off an ear, then he hears the crumbling sound of rock cracking, next the camera shows us a wide shot of the statue crumbling, in that scene the statue crumbles from the bottom up when Mushu had obviously hit it from the top, so the top portion should crumble into hundred of pieces not the bottom.


Correction: If the bottom of the statue had a weakness and not the top, it's normal it should have crumbled this way, notwithstanding the place where it was hit. Besides, this is a cartoon, and that's often how things collapse.


Corrected entry: At the end when Granny Fa says, "She brings home a sword. If you ask me she should've brought home a man." The voice says "Man" but the lips say Ma. The lips don't say the N.


Correction: She actually cut herself off when she heard Li Shang's voice - she said "Ma..." It was a comedic effect.

Correction: When she says, "", you should not even see her lips form the letter 'n', as she speaks, it is her tongue that creates the 'n' sound. Try it yourself.

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Corrected entry: When Mulan is in the pass after she has been discovered, there are two seperate shots of the city down below. In one, the palace is facing away from the pass, and in the other it's facing to the right of it. The city rotates ninety degrees.

Correction: It looks like Mulan is in a totally different place than the Huns, so it would be logical to see the city from a different angle from her position in the mountains than from the position of the Huns. ('Proof' for this is that Mulan drives her horse to the city down the path that looks upon the city -from her position-. This can't possibly be the same path as the one the Huns are taking to get to the city; if it were she would run into them.).

Corrected entry: The Emperor comes down the stairs of the palace to thank Mulan after she's defeated Shan-Yu. He should be coming up the stairs not down, Chien-Po transported him out of the palace yet the Emperor comes walking from the palace.

Correction: Chien-Po took him down the stairs out of a room at the top of the palace, not out of the palace itself. Therefore, he can walk down the stairs out of the palace without it being a mistake.

Corrected entry: In real life, women found impersonating men in the military got a penalty of death. No matter how the captain felt about Mulan, she would have to be put to death or both would be killed by law, her for impersonating, and him for failing to obey the law.

Correction: Shang did not spare her because he felt something for her. He spared her because she had saved his life, a debt which could only be repaid by him saving her life in return. He even said so in the scene, "A life for a life, my debt is repaid".

Corrected entry: When Mushu is going to wake up the Great Stone Dragon, the "head ancestor" tosses Mushu the gong but not the mallet. When Mushu is walking out, he has the gong and the mallet.

Correction: There's a slight lapse in time there, it cuts from Mushu being hit in the face by the gong to him walking down the stairs. In that time he could have been tossed the mallet.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the end where Mulan and Shan Yu are on the roof, Mulan manages to grab his sword and uses it to pin him down by his cape. After Shan Yu dies, the Emperor presents Mulan with Shan Yu's sword. How did he get it if it was on the roof?

Correction: If you watch when Mulan jumps off the rope and she lands on the captain, right after she hits the ground and right before Mushu hits the ground, the sword falls from the roof and hits the ground right behind where Mushu hits the next second.

Corrected entry: How in the world would all of the bad guys in the dragon costume know the routine or something like it? They would have to know some kind of routine because if the didn't then they would be going in all different directions and people would be pretty suspicious.


Correction: It is possible those huns have had previous experience so they know the routine.

Corrected entry: How in the world would Mulan be able to have a cricket cage that was just put underneath a bit of cloth be able to stay even when she is climbing on top of tables and running around the room to put out the matchmaker?


Correction: How in the world does a cricket have the ability to jump back into the cage and close the door? Much of what is seen is purely for the humor of this animated movie, it is artistic license.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when the ancestors are having a party, the sunglasses on the cricket appear out of nowhere.

Correction: We didn't see the cricket instantly before we saw him with glasses. We saw him about 10 seconds later, he has time to put glasses on.

Corrected entry: When Mulan cut her hair with the sword, by the way she cut it, the hair would have ended up with the end on a slant.

Correction: Mulan cut her hair in small parts, not all in one go, so there wouldn't really be a visible slant.

Continuity mistake: After finding out that Mulan left, the father picks up the comb and it is facing in a different direction from before.

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Emperor: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
Shang: Sir?
Emperor: You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.

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Trivia: Shang's horse has dots on the base of his neck and on his butt on both sides that are little "Hidden Mickeys".


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Question: Who are the three guardians shown in the shrine?

Answer: They are members of the Chinese zodiac. Mushu (the dragon) is also a member. It is assumed that the other eight animals are present.

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