Other mistake: When Crickie is typing the letter for Mushu he has ink on his feet yet when he jumps on the table to wipe off his feet there aren't any ink footprints where his foot was.


Other mistake: In the scene where Mulan ties up her hair after she has already cut it, she just wraps the ribbon around her hair and pulls. The way she did it would make her hair fall out.


Other mistake: During the song "A Girl Worth Fighting For", Yao has made several excellent snowmen of women. But the army was marching by, and he wouldn't have had nearly enough time to make them.

Other mistake: When Mushu is getting Mulan ready he ties her hair up, but he never makes a knot so how could it hold her hair up?

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Continuity mistake: The wagon, which is full of explosives, is on fire, so Mulan cuts Kahn (the horse) free with her sword and jumps onto Khan. She starts to ride away, while she holds the reins in her left hand and the sword with her right hand, up in the air. The wagon explodes and in the next shot, she still holds the reins in her left hand, though the sword, still in midair in her right hand, is now actually in its sheath, which is always attached to the left side of her belt. Some arrows are missing on the ground as well. Then her sheathed sword lands on the ground beside her. (00:53:45)

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Mushu: My little baby, off to destroy people.

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Trivia: Shang's horse has dots on the base of his neck and on his butt on both sides that are little "Hidden Mickeys".

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Question: In all respect, was a woman allowed to hug the emperor at that time?

Answer: Nobody was allowed to hug the emperor.

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