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Corrected entry: Derek Zoolander turns left as he does a 180 to talk to Maury Ballstein, as he exits his office, even though it's said that he can't turn left.

Correction: Actually, he does a 180 turning right because the door is on the left. Watch carefully.

Corrected entry: They guys all shout "Orange mocha Frappuccino." but the drink they actually get in the next shot is a Tazo Citrus Frappuccino.

Correction: We don't see them ordering the drinks or looking at a menu; all we see is them drinking a yellow/orange liquid. There's no reason to think they couldn't have bought a drink called an Orange Mocha Frappuccino from some local cafe.

Corrected entry: In the end of the movie when Owen Wilson is in the DJ's place, he throws the computer down to get the files out. The only problem is that he just throws the computer screen down. The computer screen doesn't store any files.

Correction: He throws down an original iMac - the monitor casing also housed all the other computer innards, hence destroying everything.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the whole movie, Derek Zoolander talks about how he can't "turn left" when he models, but in the beginning when he steps out of the limo he turns left and poses at the camera. (00:04:55)

Correction: Derek is perfectly capable of turning left until he thinks about it, then he can't do it. It's just a stupid disability he has given himself because he's a bit of an idiot.

Corrected entry: This film was banned in Malaysia because of using a fictional Malyasian president as an object of assassination. It was also banned in neighboring Singapore.


Correction: Just a correction from a previous trivia entry - This film was banned in Malaysia for the already mentioned reasons, but extensive editing has gone underway and they have now released the movie in Singapore, roughly 2 years after it was released everywhere else. It now only runs for about half of the normal time.

Corrected entry: The gas pumps wouldn't explode from one cigarette. At most the gas would extinguish the cigarette, there would be no big explosion like appeared in this movie because the mixture is too rich to catch fire.

Correction: According to Physlink.com and their Ask the Experts Section, a lit cigarette can indeed ignite gasoline and cause an explosion as detailed in this article. While the circumstances are not identical it certainly supports the general theory that it can indeed happen. Physlink Example.


Corrected entry: When the guy reading Time magazine throws it into the trash can, the picture of Derek should be upside down. But when Derek gets to the can it's turned around the other way. (00:15:15)

Correction: The guy who throws away the magazine obviously throws it in a way where Derek's picture is on the top. If you slow it down you can see that the magazine is right side up.

Corrected entry: The gas pumps will not dispense gas when out of the filling stem. But they had to get blown up some how. (00:15:20)

Correction: It is possible for gas pumps to dispense gas while out of the filler stem.

Corrected entry: When Derek and Hansel are talking to Matilda about her childhood and other things in on Hansel's pad towards the end, watch behind Derek and Hansel. There are white and red candles behind them, but in almost every shot, their number, their positions, and their colours are different.

Correction: As candle scenes go, this one is amazingly well done. There is a Buddha holding one candle that may well be a small light bulb. Below that are two tiers of red glass votives. The bottom tier has two lit, skip one, one lit. The top tier has two lit. Depending on the camera angle, different levels and parts of the arrangement are blocked by D & H's shoulders and heads, thereby blocking different candles. The angle of the camera also determines whether you see the flame above the red glass or below the red glass, so there's a red light or a white light. Some of this could also be explained by the candles being burned down to different points in different shots, but the candles are so small and the shot angle changes so much so often that it would be really hard to determine this. In any case, it's not as described in the submission.


Corrected entry: When they show Hansel playing with the yo-yo sitting next to Gwen at the awards show, he's sitting in the end row seat. Then when Zoolander gets up & walks down the isle, You see Hansel getting up, not from the end seat, but 4 seats down from the end.

Correction: No, he hasn't moved from the left end of the row. It's a split screen close-up of him and while it does look like the lady behind him is to his right, it's because of the camera angle. When the shot widens out to full screen, you can see that she is in an aisle seat lined up with his seat.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mugatu presents Derek with the model for the Derek Zoolander School For Kids Who Can't Read Good, there is a reaction shot of Mugatu and his assistant in which Mugatu is on the right and the assistant is on the left. After a cut to a shot of Derek, there is a cut back to the reaction shot of Mugatu and the assistant - they have switched sides.

Correction: If this happened in the theater, it's been fixed in the DVD - just watched it 3 times forwards and backwards - the assistant is always on the left.


Corrected entry: When Derek, Matilda, and the hand model are walking in the grave yard they walk pass a grave stone that says King on it. A few minutes later they walk pass it again just before they get shot at, without turning round between times. (00:49:55)

Correction: J.P. was telling a story about himself assassinating Jimmy Carter. In telling this they walked around the cemetery, maybe a couple of times, and they simply reach the same location as earlier.

Corrected entry: When Derek runs into Hansel at the party (right before the face-off) he tells him that he'll be modelling Mugatu's new line, and Hansel says he's never even heard of it. The thing is, Derek tells Matilda in the previous scene that he's going to the launch party for the new line. If Hansel is at the launch party for the new line, shouldn't he have heard about it?


Correction: Firstly it is never explicitly stated that the party he runs into Hansel at, IS the launch party. Also given that it is established how stupid male models are it is quite possible that he had no idea what the party was for.

Corrected entry: Derek seemed somewhat surprised that Magnum stopped Mugatu's M projectile. Since Derek obviously wasn't expecting the M to stop, what would he have done if it didn't stop? Let it hit him in the face?

Correction: Dereck didn't realize that Mugatu had thrown the ninja star. Derek was simply showing Mugatu that he had more than one look. He had no idea that he was in danger.

Corrected entry: Near the end when Katinka is telling Derek to "Relax" before the Derelicte show, there's a mole on her left cheek. Then when Katinka grabs K-Mart at the beginning of the show, the mole is on the right cheek. (01:11:35 - 01:12:20)

Correction: The first shot is in a mirror. The mole is on the same cheek, it is just the mirror reflection that makes it seem otherwise.

Corrected entry: With all of Derek's talk about not being able to turn left, he does it pretty easily towards the end (before the significant left turn). After he does his series of backflips to get back to kill the PM he lands and does a quarter turn immediately to the left.


Correction: He doesn't mean he's physically incapable of turning left, he means his runway modelling left turns are not the supermodel quality of all his other moves. It's like a famous portrait painter might say he can't do landscapes - he can do a landscape better than 99% of the population, but he not happy with the way they turn out.


Continuity mistake: When Zoolander, Hansel and Matilda are drinking the tea near the end of the movie, the "steam" in Zoolander's cup keeps on changing to from overflowing the cup, to half way down and none. This is without ever refilling his cup. He can even be seen blowing some of the steam out and next thing it's full again. (00:58:00)

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Derek Zoolander: I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.

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Trivia: Another family member of Ben Stiller shows up. After the Zoolander commercial at the end the director of the commercial who comes up to Derek is Ben's brother-in-law

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Question: Where is that stream of water coming from on the lower left of the screen, when Matilda is on the ground from being thrown out of the spa?

Answer: It was raining and it was that water from before just running down the semi-sloped road.

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