Factual error: In the end where Larry and Brian are sitting in the garage, one of them is watching a hit counter for their website, and the other is watching the news stream on the computers. When the reporter is walking up the driveway, she mentions that the site has had 18 million hits.. how did she know this? The SkullBocks server was inside the garage, so the reporters couldn't have checked before hand. And even if there was a counter on the website, they were getting 400 hits per second (1,000,000 hits takes 41 minutes). Assuming they looked at a counter, before the reporters left, it would have been a lot less then 18 million. In addition to this, when they open the garage door up, another reporter asks "How many hits have you guys registered?"

Factual error: After the world-wide broadcast has been launched, there are various clips of the incriminating video being shown. One of the clips shows a Handspring Visor PDA (Palm Pilot) showing the video. This would have not been possible because the Handspring Visor PDA was only a black and white screen with no audio other than "clicking" noises. The video sequence was superimposed on the device.


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