AntiTrust (2001)

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Teddy Chin was murdered by a pair of Milo Hoffman's fellow co-workers who made it look like a hate crime. Milo's girlfriend Alice Poulson is reluctantly helping Gary Winston because of her jaded past. Lisa Calighan is aiding Winston and Lyle Barton is his Justice Department agent inside man. All are exposed and imprisoned.

Continuity mistake: In the daycare building, when the bald guy walks in, he picks up the mouse that Milo left hanging. When he puts the mouse back on the pad it is pointing one way, and when the camera shot changes, it is pointed another way.

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Delbert: How's it going?
Building 20 Guard: Big night. Switched from tea to coffee. Brought new meaning to my work.

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Trivia: On the news bulletin at the end, three of the bad guys are named as Solskjaer, Sheringham and Schmeichel - names also of three football players who at the time played for Manchester United. Director Peter Howitt is from Manchester.

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