Continuity mistake: When Milo, Alice, Teddy, and the rest of the Skullbox team are at a restaurant (just prior to Milo going on the job interview), there are three closeup shots of Alice. In the first two, a man in a red shirt is to her right, but in the third shot the image is reversed; the man is now on her left.

Continuity mistake: In the daycare building, when the bald guy walks in, he picks up the mouse that Milo left hanging. When he puts the mouse back on the pad it is pointing one way, and when the camera shot changes, it is pointed another way.

Continuity mistake: When Milo suspects his girlfriend is trying to poison him at dinner he tests his reaction to the food on a cut he makes on his wrist, pulling his sleeve up to the elbow. When she walks back into the room he pulls his sleeve back down to hide it. Then when he makes a toast the sleeve has magically jumped back up again. (01:19:00)

Continuity mistake: When Milo is first in the daycare center and is going through the employee database, and he looks up Lisa's file, there is a picture of her ID card there, but it doesn't have her employee number on it.

Continuity mistake: When Milo is sitting in his car outside the Department of Justice office, a homeless guy comes up and holds a sign up to the window, that says "homeless". In the next shot where the beggar leaves, the sign says "out of work director". A valid mistake, but as an added bit of trivia, the actor playing the homeless man is Peter Howitt, the director of the movie.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the film there are scenes when Milo hits some keys on a keyboard, but the letters appearing on the screen do not correspond to the keys pressed. For example, when he works in the childcare building, there is such line on the screen: "./load nurv/hr_res/tbls/employees.nb" (without quotes). During the time this line appears, we are shown the shot in which he types "pil". But these letters are nowhere to be found in the line. This shot is used at least two times.

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Ken Cosgrove: How's it going?
Building 20 Guard: Big night. Switched from tea to coffee. Brought new meaning to my work.

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Trivia: On the news bulletin at the end, three of the bad guys are named as Solskjaer, Sheringham and Schmeichel - names also of three football players who at the time played for Manchester United. Director Peter Howitt is from Manchester.

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