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Corrected entry: In the scene where Teddy Chin figures out the solution (shortly before he's killed), when the camera pulls back away from the desk you can see that his computer only has a power cord plugged into it. There is no way that he could type or see anything on his monitor.

Correction: There's a faintly visible white cord (likely the keyboard) that comes from the upper-middle of the tower. VGA cards are usually installed in the lower portion of a tower so the port and connecting cord would not be visible in the panned-out shot.

Corrected entry: When Milo (Ryan Phillippe) comes out of the childcare place after nearly getting caught, he climbs onto a big model of a computer mouse. Before he does this, he walks onto some grass. When he does this watch the grass and you will see his shadow and the cameraman's shadow in front of him. (00:49:38)

Correction: The shadow he paces next to is not the shadow of a camera, it's the shadow of the satellite dish connected to the daycare center. The dish is designed to look like a computer mouse which is the same shape the shadow takes on.

Corrected entry: Have you noticed how all these so called computer experts, particularly Milo, seem to type so slowly? You would think having been around computers and doing codes for most of their lives that they would type at least slightly quicker than average, but they really don't. In fact at one point Milo is seen typing with one finger on each hand, anyone who studies computers to his level knows how to do it properly.

David Mercier

Correction: As a programmer of 11 years myself and an avid two finger typist I disagree with your comment/logic. I have may very skilled friends who also can not take the time to type with more than two fingers. It's no secret that a lot of us programmers are lazy and would not take the time to learn to type properly.

Corrected entry: Before Milo goes to the party, he finds out that his girlfriend has sesame seeds in her art box. When the girlfriend goes up to check what he's doing, Milo quickly puts the sesame seeds into the art box, then the little container (which originally contained them) and then the bigger container. Later on, at the scene where she cooks dinner, Milo checks to see if his girlfriend used the sesame seeds to poison him. He checks only in the smaller container, and never in the art box itself, where he had dropped them earlier!

Correction: This may have been deliberate - it would certainly explain why the seeds could not be found, but had not been used to poison him.

Corrected entry: When Larry finally manages to connect to the satellite, the camera cuts to the computer screen, which shows nodes 5 through 11 becoming active. In the next scene when the head of security is looking at the screen when he is at Gary's house, it shows nodes 3 and 4 are active, which should not be the case if they were disabled as indicated in the previous scene.

Correction: Node 3 and 4 are not shown to be shut down. After 1 and 2 Gary thinks up the possibility Milo might be trying to cut right to number 12.

Corrected entry: On the AntiTrust DVD, in the "Deleted Scenes" section, scene 5 (entitled "Gary & Milo's Game") has Milo (Ryan Phillipe) and Gary (Tim Robbins) playing the familiar PC game "Diablo 2" (an addition to the irony of the scene). The supposition is that Gary's character has died in the Arcane Sanctuary level while fighting the level boss, known as "The Summoner." All his armor, weapons, (he specifically mentions though his magical shield and his gold) have dropped at the spot where his character was killed. He asks Milo to complete the level for him, and hands him a Playstation controller. The camera zooms in on the game screen which reads, "You Lost Gold. Press ESC to Continue." How many playstations have an escape key? (00:00:38)

Correction: Just for Clarification, these controllers are in fact Playstation controllers. There are many adapters on the market that allow Playstation controllers to plug into a PCs USB port. There are also many PC gamepads that have the same shape and button layout as a Playstation controller.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire film all the command coding is basic HTML not once do we see any form of coding which would be able to set up the systems they were trying to implement.

Correction: The code they were using through out the film (not counting the background stuff in the film's intro which WAS html-ish) was Java, not HTML, which could be used for such systems. Furthermore the systems they were using was an obvious UNIX-based system, and Java is widely used on such systems.

Corrected entry: This is the scene just right after Milo gets out from Building 21 of Nurv. He walks out of the building and walks around in a garden where the large-sized model of a computer mouse is located, as if he was thinking of something. When he saw the mouse, he climbed a tree to see if there was something on it. In the next scene, Milo walks across on the grass towards the childcare place, without getting detected. In the scene where he diverted Bob the security officer's attention to change the settings of the surveillance cameras, he only changed the cameras outside of Building 21 and in the inside of the same building. What did Milo do to keep himself undetected from the camera that was hidden in the large-sized model of a computer mouse?

Correction: All of security was focused on the so-called "studio". Until the dangling mouse incident security had no reason to be watching the daycare center.

Continuity mistake: In the daycare building, when the bald guy walks in, he picks up the mouse that Milo left hanging. When he puts the mouse back on the pad it is pointing one way, and when the camera shot changes, it is pointed another way.

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Ken Cosgrove: How's it going?
Building 20 Guard: Big night. Switched from tea to coffee. Brought new meaning to my work.

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Trivia: On the news bulletin at the end, three of the bad guys are named as Solskjaer, Sheringham and Schmeichel - names also of three football players who at the time played for Manchester United. Director Peter Howitt is from Manchester.

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