Factual error: At the end of the movie when Hawkins is cutting the guy's throat underwater no blood is visible.


Factual error: Hawkins pursues the flatbed tow truck that has towed away his car. He climbs aboard and uses the controls to tilt the bed and tip his car onto the road, then drives it off. He missed an important step; vehicles on a flatbed are chained down fore-and-aft for security, and at no time did we see him release the chains.

Factual error: When the seal team was in the Middle East kidnapping the guy for information, right before Graham was killed someone called Hawkins by his name over the radio not his code name. If the radio was being monitored that would give away the identity of one of the team members that is why they use code names.


Factual error: In the hotel room scene Sheen and the reporter are in the room in Virginia beach, VA, there are ships in sight out the window. The ships in the background are at a private shipyard called Metro Machine which is directly across the Elizabeth River in Downtown Norfolk, 20 to 25 miles from the oceanfront.

Arthur Ashe

Factual error: Enlisted Navy personnel wear the collar of their Service Dress Blue jumper inside of their all weather coat. It is not the case in Chief's funeral scene.

Factual error: One of the men asks to be dropped off at a nearby hotel as they drive down Waterside Drive in Norfolk and the next next camera shot shows him getting out on Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, 20 miles away.


Factual error: At the beginning when the 2 men are spying over Abu Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti, they are in Peshawar, Pakistan. But, actually if we take a look at the styles of taxis and rickshaws and also their number plates, all of them had the word "MH" before it, which states that the vehicle has been registered in the state of Maharashtra, India and not anywhere in Pakistan. They have shown the wrong place with the wrong name.

Factual error: At the end of the movie when Hawkins is cutting the guy's throat underwater no blood is visible.


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Curran: This is starting to piss me off now cool out.
Hawkins: Oh I am cool. You should see me when I'm hot.

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