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Corrected entry: Both Curran's and Hawkin's hairstyles are definitely not military regulation - too bulky.

Correction: SEALS are allowed to have "modified grooming standards" in order to look less like soldiers. Some even go so far as to look like long haired tattoed bikers!

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when the 3 navy seals are on the way to the church, Charlie Sheen decides to jump off a bridge, but the road changes from a concrete road to a steel road in just 2 seconds. (00:06:15)


Correction: This is not a mistake. Charlie jumped off the Berkley Bridge in Norfolk, which features a steel bridge lift, so it does transform from concrete to steel.

Corrected entry: When the SEALs blow up a small boat near the end of the film, the explosive power of the hand grenade is extremely exaggerated. A SEAL tosses an anti-personel grenade into the boat, which then explodes into a fireball. This type of grenade spews shrapnel, but does not explode with the power shown. If the big explosion were the boat's fuel tank there would be two explosions. First a small explosion(the grenade) then a larger secondary explosion(the fuel), not just one gigantic fireball.

Correction: There are actually two explosions, first the grenade, then the fuel tank.

Correction: No he is not. Lieutenant in the Navy is equivalent to captain in the Army, Marines and Air Force. In the Navy, captains insignia is a silver eagle. The twin silver bars he is wearing are correct.

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Corrected entry: When the seal team is jumping out of the C130 they were wearing helmets and the helmets had their names on them. Even though they were jumping 12 miles off shore and they ditched the helmets as soon as they hit the water they would not have their names on them in case something went wrong and they were captured with the helmets. If they are captured they do not want to be identified.


Correction: All U.S. military members are required to carry their ID cards in case of capture, in accordance with the Geneva Convention.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film as the SEALs are being chased from their car out to the sea. Charlie Sheen wrestles the terrorist leader underwater. Yet despite running, swimming and being fired upon, he somehow finds the time to change from combat boots to swim fins. He also proceeds to kill the terrorist by slashing his throat although no cut is ever made and no blood is seen.

Correction: As you can see when the SEALS run into the water Hawkins is carrying his fins, then one of the bad guys shoots a missile into the water, quite some seconds go by as the main terrorist looks for them in the water, in this time Hawkins could well have changed into his fins no problem. Also we don't see Hawkins slash the terrorist's throat because the camera angle/shot of it is too high.


Corrected entry: As they are parachuting they are seen free falling with combat boots on. After the parachutes have opened and they are about to drop into the sea they have fins on.

Correction: They all had swim fins taped to their lower legs. You can see one of the SEALs taping the fins to his leg while still on the aircraft. After deploying their parachutes, they put on the fins.


Corrected entry: According to US Navy Uniform Regulations, Naval personnel are prohibited from putting their hands in the uniform pocket. Yet, Curran put his hands in his all-weather coat pockets all the time he was talking with Chief's fiancee during Chief's funeral.

Correction: While this is against US Navy Regulations it does happen often. I was in the Navy for 20 years and saw it all of the time. It was most often ignored, but sometimes the offender was reminded to take his hands out of his pockets. Even senior personnel did it.

Corrected entry: For disobeying a direct order to stay put, and consequently causing Chief's death, Hawkins should be court-martialed. While being investigated, he would be barred from going on missions.

Correction: The key word here is "should". But what should happen and what actually happens are 2 different things in real life.


Corrected entry: When the SEAL team jumps from the plane at six miles up, they are all wearing goggles typically used while snow skiing. Then, when we see the SEAL team underwater, the goggles they are wearing have changed to a underwater-type diving mask.

Correction: You can see the goggles used for swimming attached to Curran's right arm above the elbow. He obviously switched them before he hit the water and after his chute was deployed.

Corrected entry: Even though most of the time all the SEALS are using the same type of weapon, the noise made each time they're fired varies hugely.

Correction: The sounds produced by weapons discharging vary depending on conditions i.e. vertical angle, wind, etc. Although many movies use stock sound effects that are the same throughout, most weapons have changes in sound effects depending on where/how they are fired.

Corrected entry: When "God" has his .50 calibre sniper rifle with an "infrared sight" mounted on it he is able to see the bad guys through a brick wall? The thermal images of the bad guys would be blocked by the walls, which would show as a cooler hue. Secondarily, such a colored thermal imaging system is not available for such a weapon. A standard infrared sight would be gray-scale in perspective.

Correction: Thermal scopes cannot see "through" walls... please stop with the bad information.

Correction: He had a scope which switched between thermal imaging, and NV-the starlight setting (which amplifies available light, from stars, and available background light). Infra-red (which produce grayscale images)hasn't been used in such sights since Vietnam. The type of sight would however produce a green(scale?) image for NV, but thermal would still produce what was shown in the film, although it would depend on the thickness, and consistency of the wall in the raghea. sorry, terrorist stronghold. I can't say if there is a capability to switch between the 2 modes (thermal/NV) on modern sniper scopes. I never came across it in the military, and I can't say that 'GOD' switched between separate scopes, or just had one which had both functions! It's highly unlikely he would have had 2 separate scopes, as zeroing 2 scopes pre-mission, and relying on them in the field would have been impossible.I'm going to have to watch the film again. And FF through Sheen's sections.

Factual error: At the end of the movie when Hawkins is cutting the guy's throat underwater no blood is visible.


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Pilot: Lieutenant, you guys are incredible. Thank you.
Curran: There's no reason to thank us because we don't exist. You never saw us. This never happened.
Hawkins: One more thing: you're welcome.

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