Navy SEALS (1990)

Ending / spoiler

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All, but 4 of the SEALs live in the Battle of Beruit. The stringers are destroied, the bad guy killed, and the rest of the SEALs are rescued. The image cuts out at the submarine rising above the ocean and you hear the last 4 SEALs laughing.


Factual error: Hawkins pursues the flatbed tow truck that has towed away his car. He climbs aboard and uses the controls to tilt the bed and tip his car onto the road, then drives it off. He missed an important step; vehicles on a flatbed are chained down fore-and-aft for security, and at no time did we see him release the chains.

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Hawkins: For God's sake, be careful out there.
Ramos: If I were going to be careful, I'd have joined the Coast Guard.

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