Revealing mistake: When we see the navy seals burst into the factory to rescue the pilots, several of the bad guys get shot. On one of the bad guy's feet who falls back onto a table, there is a rope attached to his foot obviously so he wouldn't fall to far, or not to hurt himself or something. (00:09:50)


Revealing mistake: When James and the other two seals come out of the building where the missiles were, James gets shot in the leg and he shoots back at the guy. The squibs or blood packs in the bad guys chest area are visible, because there is a large bump in his t-shirt where the devices are. (01:30:55)


Revealing mistake: When Hawkins shoots the hinges off of a door in the factory near the beginning, the camera cuts to inside the room, and its obviously been pre cut to smash so that the actors can easily go through the door with little or no effort. If you slow it down there are several pieces already missing from the door and the door just seems to soft. Hawkins only blew the hinges off the door, not blew a load of holes in it. (00:11:00)


Revealing mistake: When the team of navy seals kidnap an Islamic guy/leader, just after Hawkins walks down the side of the building to help out Graham with the bad guys, the bad guys shoot at the wall. But the holes are already there in the wall behind Graham. Use slow motion or frame by frame. (01:04:45)


Revealing mistake: We see Hawkins carrying Curran when the building is blown up behind him. During the slow motion section of this scene it's clear that Hawkins is being played by a stunt double as his face and haircut are different to Charlie Sheen's.


Revealing mistake: When Charlie Sheen is driving his car in reverse, just before he spins the car around, you can see the skid marks from the stunt practice runs on the asphalt in the exact location where the stunt is performed.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, when the SEALs are in the inflatable boats heading towards the coast of Beirut, there is a shot from behind showing all the SEALs wearing black diving suits. But when the shot changes to a close up of their faces, you can see they are wearing camouflage fatigues, not diving suits.

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Pilot: Lieutenant, you guys are incredible. Thank you.
Curran: There's no reason to thank us because we don't exist. You never saw us. This never happened.
Hawkins: One more thing: you're welcome.

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