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Corrected entry: When Lane and Charles are on the top of the mountain and Charles is advising Lane on how to ski the K-12 - Charles isn't wearing any skis. How does he get down from the top of the mountain?

Correction: He walked down the gentle slope behind him which we don't see (and don't need to), or the ski-lift that brings the skiers up there in the first place, or even a snowmobile parked just out of shot. Obviously the suicidal ski run isn't the only access to and from the summit - or they'd have to climb up it to get there.

Corrected entry: On Christmas day, Ricky's mom says to Monique, "Do you have Christmas in France?" (She squeezes Monique's cheeks with one hand) "Christmas...Christmas." Followed by insane laughter. No mistake in that scene... But in the scene where Monique is throwing fruit at a street sign, Lane comes by and has a discussion with her. At one point he grabs her cheeks with one hand and says, "Friend." Mocking what Ricky's mother did in the Christmas scene... But Lane was not at Ricky's house during the Christmas scene. He did not see Ricky's mom do that to Monique. So why would he have done that exact motion and said, "Friend," the way Ricky's mom said, "Christmas."?

Correction: She does that cheek squeezing thing to everyone - the woman is an obnoxious creature of habit. Lane knows her patronising little gestures and is impersonating her.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the film, Lane and Monique are sitting on the Camaro parked in a baseball stadium. They kiss then the camera zooms out. You can see the words "dodgers" on a sign at the top of the stadium. Dodgers stadium is in Los Angeles, many many miles away from the rocky mountain locations of the movie. It may be conceivable that they drove all that way for apparently no reason, however the psycho paper boy also is seen riding his bike on the field towards them. Rather difficult to ride a bike from the Rockies to the western coastline (especially after you fell off a mountain).


Correction: This movie is suppose to take place in northern California. The mountains they were skiing at are the Sierra Nevada mountain range not the Rockies. These mountains are in the eastern part of California. This would make the drive to Los Angeles much more feasible. However, that kid on the bike is crazy.

Corrected entry: When Lane and the French girl are fixing up the camaro, they push it into the garage. Notice when they push it into the garage, it is very dirty and dusty. But when they get done fixing it and are driving it out of the garage, it is very clean.

Correction: The repair job on the Camaro is shown as a disjointed montage. We don't see every single thing they do. Who's to say that they don't clean the car before it's debut - wouldn't you?

Corrected entry: If the K-12 is so hard to ski, how does Monique ski down it as easily as if she was taking a walk in the park?

Correction: She is an extremely expert skier, as is demonstrated later. The K-12 isn't all that difficult - Lane just lacks confidence, a problem he later conquers through sheer panic.

Corrected entry: When Monique is fixing Lane's Camaro all by herself the camera pans right, showing all the parts she took out of the car, one of them is the distributor. A minute later she gets out underneath the car and starts it up for lane. An engine can't run at all without its distributor.


Correction: It is very possible that she replaced the old distributor with a new one, and the old one is laying next to the car.

Corrected entry: When Monique is fixing Lane's Camaro, after Lane comes out to see what is going on, the camera shows that the entire distributor with cap and wires has been removed. How does Monique then start the car?

Correction: It is quite possible that she replaced those parts, and what we see are the OLD distributor, cap and wires.

Susan Yurcak

Corrected entry: Lane accidentally puts the car in reverse and crashes backward through the garage doors. I'm no expert, but I would think that you couldn't obliterate the entire two-door garage door with only a foot of space to work with.

Correction: Apparently it's possible.

Corrected entry: In the final race on the K-12 between Lane and the captain, Lane gets about a 3-5 second headstart down the mountain. Yet both racers finish split seconds between each other, which would give the captain the win.

Correction: Not really. The referee calls what he sees - Lane passes the finish line ahead of the Captain, and he is declared the winner. Nobody at the base of the mountain knows that Lane got a head start. Later, the Captain may protest, but why put that in the film?

Factual error: A native French speaker like Monique would never mistake the word 'testicle' for 'tentacle'. The French word for 'testicle' is 'testicule' and the word for 'tentacle' is 'tentacules' - both are pronounced almost identically to the English form. She'd have to confuse the two words in French, and not even a non-English speaking French person would make a mistake like that. Monique's English is very good. She'd be perfectly aware of what she was saying.,.

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Monique Junot: He keeps putting his testicles all over me.
Lane Meyer: Excuse me?
Monique Junot: You know, like octopus? Testicles?
Lane Meyer: Ohhhh. Tentacles. N-T. Big difference.

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Trivia: This movie is referenced in the video game Rock Band. One of the items you can buy for your in-game character is a pair of ski-goggles called "K12s".

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Question: Why did the paperboy keep saying "two dollars" every time he showed up?

Answer: The family owed him two dollars for their newspaper subscription. He's obsessed with collecting it and the family, for some reason, won't just pay him.

Brian Katcher

Answer: He wants payment for delivering the newspaper to their house. Paper carriers not only deliver the daily paper, but also collect the monthly fee. Every time he shows up asking for the two dollars, he is blown off.


Thanks. I never got a chance to see the whole movie so that always confused me.

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