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Corrected entry: The neighbour's dog looks too well nourished when Shirley goes to feed it, considering it has been denied meat (which as a carnivore, it needs) by its owners.

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Correction: It isn't true that a dog couldn't look healthy on the diet that Claymore is being fed. Dogs are omnivores, not obligate carnivores (like cats, for example), and can live without meat. If the dog is eating a commercial muesli, which is probably vitamin fortified, and the milk is cultured, like kefir, for example, so that a dog can digest it (and which would make sense, since Shirley calls it "yogurt"), the dog will get a suitable balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. In fact, there are commercial, vegetarian dog foods available in the US, and probably in Britain as well, and many dogs live on them for years. Claymore may not like his food as much as he likes raw steak, but he'll eat it when he's hungry enough. The problem is more that his food is bland, than that it isn't nutritious. We also do not know how many times a day he is fed. Shirley feeds him only once, but Gillian asks her to do it only once, and mentions that someone else is coming in to feed him at other times. Understand, I'm not advocating a vegetarian diet for dogs, just pointing out that a dog who is not eating meat would not look sickly, as long as he is getting enough to eat.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film, when Gillian takes Shirley over to her house to show her what she feeds the dog, she informs Shirley that she and her husband have become vegans - therefore there should be no meat OR dairy products in the house. Why, then, does she have a bottle of milk (which is milk from the milkman and not soya milk) to mix in with the dog's meal?

Correction: 1. She's boasting to try to impress Shirley. 2. She is too dumb to know what a vegan really is. 3. She's a vegan, her dog isn't. And so on. Dozens of scenarios fit.

Corrected entry: When Shirley has told her daughter she is going to Greece, she is in her daughter's bedroom. She shouts out the window to her daughter and when she comes back in and goes to the bed it is clear it is an entirely different bedroom.

Correction: Shirley follows her daughter out onto the landing and then goes back into a bedroom, looks like her own bedroom rather than her daughters.

Continuity mistake: When Shirley is with her son in the squat in Kirby he sees a couple of kids robbing a car. When the car drives away you can clearly see that the kid driving is replaced by an adult stuntdriver.

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Question: In the scene where she is walking home in the rain after visiting her prostitute friend, in the background you can see 3 huge "tank" like structures. They are made twice as high by open girder and cable contraptions. The same things can be seen in the movie, "Spider", starring Ralph Fiennes. What are they?

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