Shirley Valentine

Question: At the end, does Shirley go back to her old life or does she stay?

Answer: Shirley stays. You can see that she has found herself and has fallen in love with herself and the life she created. After a life changing moment like that, she realises she can never go back again. She simply doesn't want to. At the end as she watches her husband walk toward her, you see that she observes him from a different perspective. She feels compassion, and she feels sorry for him even mentioning she hopes he stays a while to feel the sun on his face. You can sense the compassion she has for him in a more detached way and in that moment, you know without a doubt that she stays.

Answer: My thoughts are he stays for a while, loves it, so they fall in love again and stay together in Greece.

Answer: That's what you're meant to be left wondering. I get the feeling that she will eventually go back to her life in England but her husband will have to do some serious listening first about the changes that have to be made.

Question: In the scene where she is walking home in the rain after visiting her prostitute friend, in the background you can see 3 huge "tank" like structures. They are made twice as high by open girder and cable contraptions. The same things can be seen in the movie, "Spider", starring Ralph Fiennes. What are they?

Continuity mistake: When Shirley is with her son in the squat in Kirby he sees a couple of kids robbing a car. When the car drives away you can clearly see that the kid driving is replaced by an adult stuntdriver.

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