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Revealing mistake: After Bongo the Gorilla Bouncer tosses Eddie into a pile of garbage cans in the back alley, Eddie lifts himself up and here we can see that he's wearing knee pads beneath his pants. (00:21:25)


Revealing mistake: After Roger reads Marvin Acme's will out loud, all of the toons start jumping for joy. Meanwhile the music machine is still activated in the background, and its colorful flashing lights are being reflected on the ground near Betty Boop and Tweety at the front of the crowd. With all of the toons grouped together like they are, the machine's colorful lights should have been obscured, not reflected. (01:35:30)


Revealing mistake: During the Toon Patrol chase, before the cab enters the alleyway there's a wide shot of the cab making a fast turn. Valiant has his head down, with his hat covering his face and his body totally motionless, opposite to what he looks like in the close-ups where he is grabbing the steering wheel, his head up and controlling the car, thus revealing that the actor was replaced by a dummy in some of the shots. (00:58:40)

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Revealing mistake: When Eddy is fighting Judge Doom, Eddy is holding a giant cartoon magnet. He then attracts Judge Doom's sword and when Eddy drops the magnet it is attracted to a steel drum. If you look at the bottom of the drum you can see two strings on the bottom of the drum as it moves towards Bob Hoskins. (01:27:10)

Revealing mistake: When Eddie sits on the bench and the hippo sits down, you can see Eddie bounce off the bench before the bench even moves. (00:09:10)


Revealing mistake: When Roger takes a shot of bourbon and blows his top, it causes most of the glass objects in R.K. Maroon's office to bust into pieces. In some instances you can see an explosive charge breaking the glass - like the giant angel statue at the center of R.K.'s trophy collection. (00:24:00)


Revealing mistake: Just before a conveyor belt drops the vase upon Eddie's head, an overhead shot shows him pointing at Smart Guy, but actually Eddie points much further left in relation to where Smart Guy is standing. (01:25:10)


Revealing mistake: After shooting their way into Eddie's apartment, the weasels start walking in and cast long shadows on the floor. But the only shadow visible in a reflection on the nearby glass doors is that of Wheezy's Tommy gun. (00:41:10)


Revealing mistake: The streetcar railway tracks are simply metal strips laid in the road. When Eddie jumps off the back of the streetcar's bumper, you can see that the rails are not in full contact with the road, as there are visible gaps between the rails and the road surface. What's more, the rails do not have the grooves that would be necessary for the cars' wheel flanges. (00:10:10)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Eddie is using the magnet to pull Judge Doom toward him, you can see the wires attached to Doom's shoulders used to move him. (01:27:05)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Eddie fires his "Toon" revolver at the whisky bottle, you can see what appears to be a white, plastic model in his hands. This obviously would've been used as a reference for the animation to be tracked onto later.


Revealing mistake: During the climax, one of the weasels says "Toon Town's right on the other side of the wall, boss!" If you look, you can see a brick moving completely by itself behind him. It literally just pushes out of the hole in the wall as though it's being pushed from the other side. It seems like the other weasel was supposed to be animated pulling it out, and they somehow forgot to animate that part. (He does reach over and grab it for a split second... but then immediately lets go for some reason).


Revealing mistake: In the Acme warehouse, Roger's shadow disappears a split second before the bricks land on him. (01:21:50)


Revealing mistake: Eddie heads into Toontown with an oversized animated gun. As he lurks into an alley, his gun is a plastic prop. During filming, Hoskins would carry the prop gun and the animated gun would be superimposed over it, but the animation wasn't applied to the gun in the alley. (01:13:50)


Revealing mistake: After getting a mouthful of soap from Eddie, Smart Guy is thrown across the room and loses his gun. When the gun hits the wall you can see it dangling from a puppeteer's string in mid-air. (00:42:15)


Revealing mistake: When Toon Town's red curtain rises for Eddie in the long tunnel, the reflection on the pavement doesn't move correspondingly. (01:10:00)


Revealing mistake: When a bar of soap knocks Wheezy into the window blinds, he casts no shadow on the wall, but his Tommy gun does. (00:42:30)


Revealing mistake: When Eddie is carrying Roger into Dolores' secret room, keep an eye on the swinging light. At some points, Roger's image is translucent and the light can be seen right through his ears. (00:44:10)


Revealing mistake: Tire tracks from a previous take can be seen on the pavement as Benny the Cab skids to avoid a collision with the Red Car. (00:58:30)


Who Framed Roger Rabbit mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the weasels are at Eddie's apartment and Roger is handcuffed to Eddie, Roger runs under the bed and drags Eddie on the floor. As he pulls him you can clearly see a board with wheels under Eddie that is pulling him under the bed. (00:38:50)

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Eddie Valiant: I'm through with taking falls. And bouncing off the walls. Without that gun, I'd have some fun. I'd kick you in the...
[A vase hits Eddie in the head stopping his singing.]
Roger Rabbit: Nose.
Smart Ass: Nose? That don't rhyme with walls.
Eddie Valiant: But this does.
[Kicks Smart Ass in the balls].

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Trivia: When the taxi Jessica and Eddie are in hits the lamppost, she spins around and her dress shifts position. For a couple of frames on the laserdisc version her underwear vanishes, or at least it appears to. Opinion is divided as to whether it's a deliberate move by the animators or just an error in colouring. (https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/who-stripped-jessica-rabbit/). (00:18:15)

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Question: I read that Doom hates Toons and that's why he wants to destroy ToonTown, but why would he hate Toons if he's one himself? Is this like Blade that hates vampires when he's one himself?

Answer: There's really a lot of possible reasons he hates other toons. There's a whole Roger Rabbit book and comic book series that explain Doom's background more. In the film, he's greedy and wants to destroy Toon Town to build the freeway to make more money. In human disguise he's also seen as merciless and is just punishing toons to maintain law and order, etc. Although that's just an excuse to kill toons as well. However, not explained in the film; as a toon he was cast as the antagonist in cartoon films until an accident one day left him thinking he was an actual villain (as opposed to just an actor playing one). That's when he began his life of crime, including killing Teddy Valiant. So his hatred of toons is more about him being evil and not a personal vendetta against them, like Blade's motives.

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