Deliberate mistake: After the car crashes into the light pole and flips over. The top light is still functioning even though it's nowhere near the original spot.

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Deliberate mistake: Hutch states he had a "Suppressed H&K USP .45 at the back of his head. The picture shows a H&K USP 9mm. (00:58:40)

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Deliberate mistake: Hutch is in the trunk of a BMW 7 series ranging in years from 2001-2008. The trunk is equipped with an interior trunk release cable if somebody gets trapped in the trunk. While the car is in motion Hutch manages to free himself of his handcuffs and open the trunk. If the trunk is opened while the vehicle is on a light would flash on the drivers display alerting him/her to "trunk ajar" with a little picture of a car with an open trunk. I know I had one for 5 years. (00:51:50)

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Suggested correction: What you described is true, but there's no mistake in the movie. We never see the dash when he opened the trunk, so you can't say it didn't come on. Then he only had the trunk open for about 10 seconds, and we don't know what anyone in the car said. The driver might not have noticed it, noticed it and saw it went back off, or said something about it. But less than 15 seconds later, Hutch breaks into the back seat and starts attacking, so even if the driver did notice it, it's pointless now.


Continuity mistake: In one scene after Hutch is beaten up on the bus, he has no facial injuries. Then in the next scene, they are back.

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Hutch Mansell: Give me the goddamn kitty cat bracelet, motherfucker.

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Trivia: Stay tuned for a mid-credit scene with David and his son Harry.


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Question: What's with the painting he takes out of the Challenger?

Answer: Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles".

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