Vertical Limit

Revealing mistake: When the expedition is going to pick up the old guy, (I can't quite remember the name) and they are about to land in the snow, you can clearly see that there are already marks from a helicopter.

Continuity mistake: When Vaughn, Annie and Tom have fallen down inside the mountain, the camera cuts to Skip trying to call them on the radio. When the camera cuts to some people behind him, a big man is leaning towards another man sitting with a headset on. In the following shot facing Skip, that man is now standing up in the background . (00:39:30)


Continuity mistake: When Peter and the black pilot are in the helicopter, and are just about to land, when the shot faces the big guns the helicopter starts off above the guns, when the shot changes the helicopter is below the guns, and then back above the guns. (00:09:30)


Continuity mistake: When the helicopter is dropping off the crew at highest point, the girl is extending the rope to one of the team members. At this time the rope is taut and she is asking for more slack, and struggling hard. Later,they show another camera view and the rope is laying on the ground coiled. Not only did they show the mistake once but at least 2-3 times.

Factual error: I'm a skydiver and when we fly above 20,000 feet it is mandatory to have oxygen masks on. Our friend Billy flies in at base camp at 23,000 feet, stays there for only 2 days and races off for the summit, without acclimatizing or wearing oxygen.

Continuity mistake: When Peter is inside the little hut in the mountains of Pakistan, there is a man inside the hut with him. His position behind Peter changes from being to the right of Peter to standing behind him between shots. (00:07:05)


Continuity mistake: When we first see Peter, Annie and the dad are on the rockface, which is very flat in the close-ups, but in all distance shots of the rockface it has changed substantially from being flat to being incredibly rocky in many places. (00:01:55)


Continuity mistake: When one of the guys falls of a cliff, I don't remember who, he stabs his hammer into the cliff. After a few seconds the hammer goes up a bit, even though he is hanging on it.

Continuity mistake: When Annie, Elliott and Tom are inside the cave on the mountain, Vaughn spots a red pack with hardly any snow on it on the other side of the cave, yet in the following shot of the pack, its color can't be seen because it's suddenly covered with a lot of snow and ice. (00:54:15)


Continuity mistake: When we first see Cyril and Monique, the first shots of Monique, she is not that far away from Cyril, yet in subsequent shots the distance has changed. (01:11:20)


Continuity mistake: When Cyril and Monique are hanging over the edge, Monique is holding onto her axe, yet in the following shot she isn't. (01:14:55)


Continuity mistake: At the very beginning of the film, when the amateurs fall, one of the amateurs swings past Royce Garrett. In the next shot when the ropes comes away from the wall, the two amateurs are a lot higher up, and when the amateurs' rope falls, if you slow this shot down it misses Royce Garrett, yet in the following shot he gets snagged off the wall by the rope. (00:03:25)


Visible crew/equipment: When Annie, Elliot and Tom McLaren stop and are talking half way up the mountain, if you look closely in Annie's goggles/shades, you can see crewmen holding a large white panel. (00:30:30)


Revealing mistake: Near the beginning when the bearded guy falls and clamps his leg between two rocks they shake.

Audio problem: When the three of them fall into that "cave" one of the men coughs without his mouth moving.

Continuity mistake: The Pakistani helicopter pilot taking Peter to the camp at the start is wearing headphones. In one shot the right headphone (our left) is half over his ear. In the next it is fully over his ear. And then back again.

Factual error: When Annie finds the Dex in the backpack that she has just gotten from the ledge, she goes to give it to Tom immediately. It would have been frozen or extremely cold and unless warmed by her, it never would have come out of the syringe easily. (00:29:00 - 00:30:00)

Continuity mistake: When Peter, Annie and their dad are on the wall, Peter makes his jump up to the next grip, and as the camera pans out the rope goes straight to the dad. In the next shot there is a carabineer in the wall holding the rope just above Peter, then the rope carries onto the dad. (00:01:50)


Revealing mistake: In the opening shots of the film there is an eagle flying around the buttes. It is an obviously digitally rendered eagle as it is transparent at some points. This is very evident when the eagle passes from in front of a butte to the open sky and it's obviously not a shadow.

Continuity mistake: After Wick has just discovered the body of his wife, when Peter says, "So did Vaughn use it for himself, answer me dammit," Wick is holding his backpack with both hands, but in the following shot he is holding the backpack with only his left hand. (01:31:30)


Peter: Can you climb?
Monique: Peter wants to know if I can climb.
Skip: Worst I ever seen. Couldn't climb a ladder.
Peter: You're that good, huh?
Monique: Yes... But it was a very tall ladder.

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Trivia: Ed Viesturs is a real climber and plays himself in the movie. This is his second appearance in a movie.


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Question: Can anyone tell me the name of all the themes that are used in the trailer?

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