Vertical Limit

Continuity mistake: When Peter, Skip and the others walk out of the hut where the Pakistanis kept the nitro, Skip walks out and sits down, and he is looking at Peter when Peter walks away. In the following shot he is looking straight ahead of him, not in Peter's direction. (00:46:10)


Continuity mistake: When Peter and Monique are sitting down, Peter takes her glove off, and he moves his hand down to her hand, yet in the following shot we see his hand by the sleeve of her coat again. (01:21:25)


Continuity mistake: Close to the beginning of the film, when Annie and Peter are talking in the tent before she goes up to climb, in one shot she says "of course I remember," and she turns her head and looks at him. In the following shot she is turning her head again as well as her body to face him. (00:25:20)


Continuity mistake: When O'Donnell is about to jump from one side of a cliff to the other,the first shot shows the other side higher than the one Chris is. In all the other shots the other side is lower.

Continuity mistake: When the guys are unloading from the chopper, you can see the pilot is going through hell to keep it stable. And he obviously can't. There's a master alarm flashing all over and the pilot even says something like "get out, we're gonna fall". However, the girl is almost getting shattered by the chopper blades, which keep going round above her head as if the helicopter was really stable.

Factual error: Throughout the movie they throw around their bags, shake them around and throw themselves onto them with the nitro strapped onto the bags. They should have got blown to pieces at least a dozen times. It's only when it's time to pour the nitro in the snow to blow a hole they are careful.

Factual error: When one of the crazy brothers and a Sudanese guy are climbing the mountain they come to a place where the Muslim guy starts praying. The way he prays is wrong. During a Muslim prayer your hands are raised to your ears for a few seconds and lowered again, but the guy keeps his hands raised and prays. Plus you cannot talk while you're praying or look away as the guy does to motion towards the nitro.

Continuity mistake: Somehow, despite Mrs. Wick's corpse being encased in a block of ice (and her back, and presumably backpack is the deepest buried part of her), and only being uncovered for two minutes, Chris O'Donnell's character finds her empty medicine case, without Jonathan Wick noticing.

Continuity mistake: The boiling nitroglycerin in the shed, on the floor, around the boot is bubbling in different places depending on the shot. (00:45:25)

Factual error: When the photographers are hiding in the blind, shooting the bears, they have a table sitting behind them covered in extra gear. All the extra film that's sitting around is Kodak Max 400, a supermarket film, and nothing that a professional wildlife photographer would be using.

Continuity mistake: When the rescue crew jumps off the helicopter you can see there's a big snow storm and the pilot says this is the highest point at which he can drop them off . But later on (just a few minutes later) the sun is shinning high and it looks nothing like it was.

Visible crew/equipment: When Monique has to sling Cyril to the ledge, and she is trying to gain momentum, in her last sling, you actually see the movie equipment line that Cyril is attached to that slings him to the ledge.

Other mistake: When Wick is delegating climbing routes, he tells part of the team to climb "Hockey Stick Gully." This route is known as the South Face or Polish Line and although climbers can climb it, no-one has since 1986 because it is an extremely dangerous route due to the amount of technical climbing and avalanche exposure. Climbing this route in a rescue attempt would almost certainly result in more casualties.


Factual error: There is no way Tom would be wearing an earring climbing the mountain with below zero temps. It would frostbite his ear in seconds once exposed to the cold. (00:32:00)


Tom McLaren: We wouldn't be down here if it wasn't for you.

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Trivia: Ed Viesturs is a real climber and plays himself in the movie. This is his second appearance in a movie.


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Question: Can anyone tell me the name of all the themes that are used in the trailer?

Answer: The music used in the trailer was created specially - it's based on the music from Romeo + Juliet.

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