The Usual Suspects

Trivia: The personal bios of the characters are handed out in the order that they die in.


Trivia: The way none of the characters can keep a straight face when reading out the card in the line up was not scripted, but resulted because the cast had had a rather good lunch prior to filming, which included some wine, and were unable to get through what was scripted as a serious scene with straight faces, because of the nature of the scene - supposedly very serious, but they were being asked to utter this rather absurd (and obscene) phrase. Benicio Del Toro also frequently broke wind during the scene, hardly helping the serious tone.


Trivia: In the lineup scene, when the officer asks Benicio del Toro to repeat the phrase "in English, please," the voice is actually the director. That line was not scripted. The director actually wanted to retake Benicio's line because he didn't think it was understandable. He ended up keeping it because he thought it was funny.


Trivia: An interesting point here. Some may have wondered what is the significance of the name "Keyser Soze". As many may have guessed, Keyser means "king". Soze is a word whose English equivalent is the word "verbal". Therefore, the identity of this mystery bad guy is spelled out in plain sight in his name.


Trivia: In the second meeting with Redfoot after Saul is killed, McManus confronts Redfoot, who flicks his cigarette onto McManus' face. In previous takes the actor who played Redfoot practiced repeatedly hitting Baldwin in the chest with the cigarette. However when the scene was filmed the actor aimed the cigarette too high and hit Baldwin in the face, Baldwin's reaction was real.


Trivia: Kevin Spacey glued his fingers together in the film to give a realistic paralysed effect.


Trivia: Not really a mistake per se but still. On the cover for the Usual Suspects i.e the box you see the five key characters all lined up as they were in the film. On the box Keaton is set in the centre, but in the film he is not in the centre, he is fourth from the left, next to Kint. Also Hockneys clothes have changed colour. Kints shirt and sleeveless jacket have reversed colour too. You could argue that its just a picture for the box and not meant to be taken directly from the film but if so, then why bother getting everything else right?


Trivia: Bryan Singer, the director, played Keyser Soze's feet in the opening sequence.

Trivia: Reportedly, Kevin Pollack and Stephen Baldwin have a strong dislike of each other that started during production of this film. (Though Baldwin maintains he wasn't aware of their feud until several years after the film's release, after he discovered Pollack had made remarks about him when discussing the film). Pollack reportedly was bothered by Baldwin's attitude on-set, as Baldwin (a method actor) remained in character between takes and acted in a bullying, sometimes diva-ish manner towards him and others, eventually leading to a distrust and minor animosity between the two.


Trivia: A poll on IMDB asked which film had the best plot twist. The Usual Suspects won the poll, beating out The Sixth Sense, The Crying Game, and Witness for the Prosecution.

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Trivia: To keep the famous twist ending a secret, director Bryan Singer told all five of the principal actors at one point or another that they were Keyser Soze. Gabriel Byrne believed the ruse so much so, that when he saw a screening of the film, he yelled at Singer in the parking lot afterwards.

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Trivia: Bryan Singer's production company' "Bad Hat Harry Productions" gets its name from a line in Jaws.

Trivia: Director Bryan Singer's mother plays the nurse who receives the drawing of Keyser Soze to fax to the police.

Factual error: A person with 60% burns on his body would not be wearing pyjamas, as the Hungarian guy does. (00:19:45)

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Verbal Kint: You think you can catch Keyser Soze? You think a guy like that comes this close to getting caught, and sticks his head out? If he comes up for anything it'll be to get rid of me. After that... My guess is you'll never hear from him again.

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Question: It is clear from the last scene that Kobayashi was not a made up character just his name, but what would have happened if McManus had killed him in the building? Surely that was not part of the plan. Also, was it Verbal at the start that killed Keaton? I saw the killer had a gold lighter, which may or may not be connected to the items Verbal later picked up upon leaving the police station. And if it was Verbal, then why didn't Keaton look for an exclamation because wouldn't Verbal have fooled them also with his "act".Did Verbal kill the other usual suspects?


Chosen answer: McManus could have killed "Kobayashi", it's true, but any plan has an element of risk. By bringing in Edie Finneran to consult on the case, they're making it clear to Keaton that any deviation from their wishes will result in her death, relying on his feelings for her to get him to force the others to toe the line. Kobayashi then forces the issue further by revealing what he knows about their families, making it clear that, if they kill him, their loved ones will suffer. While much of the truth behind the film is a little fluid, it does appear that Verbal was indeed Keaton's killer - when he finally sees his attacker's face, Keaton's look of disbelief followed by resigned acceptance would seem to indicate that he's finally figured out what's been happening, that he's been manipulated from the start, but the realisation is too late for him to do anything. As for the other three "suspects", it seems likely from what's shown in the film that Verbal killed Hockney and McManus personally. Who killed Fenster is somewhat less obvious; most likely he was slain by "Kobayashi", or agents working for him, after he tried to run.

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One little note: close inspection shows Kevin Spacey behind the gun that kills Keaton.

It not, it's Gabriel Byrne. Dean Keaton.

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