The Usual Suspects

When Verbal finishes his story, Kujan eventually realises that it was Dean Keaton who was Keyeser Soze. Verbal, Shocked, is asked to testify against Keaton. He refuses, and limps his way out the door, sobbing and crying. Dissapointed Kujan drinks coffee in front of the message board in the office - suddenly, he freezes, shocked, and drops his coffee mug (it breaks). When looking at the message board, Kujan realised that Verbal's story, from the beginning to the end, was completely made-up, mastermind, when Verbal first gazed at the board. Each name from the story, Such as Redfoot, Bugs Marylin and others were actually a memo or a page appearing on the board. The "Finest Taxi Service", The line-up, the murders... everything. Kujan looks down to the broken cup, and reads Soze's Lawyer name from the cup's manufacturer - "KOBAYASHI PORCELAIN". Kujan rushes outside to capture Verbal, as an eyewitness sketch of Keyeser Soze arrives at the station. The sketch perfectly resembles...Verbal. Outside, Verbal limps his way through the crowded street, when suddenly his foot straightens and his 3 "Paralyzed" fingers come to life. He ignites a cigarette and enters the limouzine where his lawyer, "KOBAYASHI", picks him up. As Verbal's car disappears on the Horizon, Kujan stands in the street, frantically searches for Verbals. "The Greates trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." says Verbal's Voice over as the screen turns black - "And like that...He's Gone."

Factual error: A person with 60% burns on his body would not be wearing pyjamas, as the Hungarian guy does. (00:19:45)

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Verbal Kint: You think you can catch Keyser Soze? You think a guy like that comes this close to getting caught, and sticks his head out? If he comes up for anything it'll be to get rid of me. After that... My guess is you'll never hear from him again.

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Trivia: The personal bios of the characters are handed out in the order that they die in.

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Question: It is clear from the last scene that Kobayashi was not a made up character just his name, but what would have happened if McManus had killed him in the building? Surely that was not part of the plan. Also, was it Verbal at the start that killed Keaton? I saw the killer had a gold lighter, which may or may not be connected to the items Verbal later picked up upon leaving the police station. And if it was Verbal, then why didn't Keaton look for an exclamation because wouldn't Verbal have fooled them also with his "act".Did Verbal kill the other usual suspects?


Chosen answer: McManus could have killed "Kobayashi", it's true, but any plan has an element of risk. By bringing in Edie Finneran to consult on the case, they're making it clear to Keaton that any deviation from their wishes will result in her death, relying on his feelings for her to get him to force the others to toe the line. Kobayashi then forces the issue further by revealing what he knows about their families, making it clear that, if they kill him, their loved ones will suffer. While much of the truth behind the film is a little fluid, it does appear that Verbal was indeed Keaton's killer - when he finally sees his attacker's face, Keaton's look of disbelief followed by resigned acceptance would seem to indicate that he's finally figured out what's been happening, that he's been manipulated from the start, but the realisation is too late for him to do anything. As for the other three "suspects", it seems likely from what's shown in the film that Verbal killed Hockney and McManus personally. Who killed Fenster is somewhat less obvious; most likely he was slain by "Kobayashi", or agents working for him, after he tried to run.

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One little note: close inspection shows Kevin Spacey behind the gun that kills Keaton.

It not, it's Gabriel Byrne. Dean Keaton.

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