The Usual Suspects

When Verbal finishes his story, Kujan eventually realises that it was Dean Keaton who was Keyeser Soze. Verbal, Shocked, is asked to testify against Keaton. He refuses, and limps his way out the door, sobbing and crying. Dissapointed Kujan drinks coffee in front of the message board in the office - suddenly, he freezes, shocked, and drops his coffee mug (it breaks). When looking at the message board, Kujan realised that Verbal's story, from the beginning to the end, was completely made-up, mastermind, when Verbal first gazed at the board. Each name from the story, Such as Redfoot, Bugs Marylin and others were actually a memo or a page appearing on the board. The "Finest Taxi Service", The line-up, the murders... everything. Kujan looks down to the broken cup, and reads Soze's Lawyer name from the cup's manufacturer - "KOBAYASHI PORCELAIN". Kujan rushes outside to capture Verbal, as an eyewitness sketch of Keyeser Soze arrives at the station. The sketch perfectly resembles...Verbal. Outside, Verbal limps his way through the crowded street, when suddenly his foot straightens and his 3 "Paralyzed" fingers come to life. He ignites a cigarette and enters the limouzine where his lawyer, "KOBAYASHI", picks him up. As Verbal's car disappears on the Horizon, Kujan stands in the street, frantically searches for Verbals. "The Greates trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." says Verbal's Voice over as the screen turns black - "And like that...He's Gone."

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Continuity mistake: Right before they rob the police car, a Boeing 747 (four engines) is seen in shots of the plane coming into land. When the plane is shown from behind, it is a Boeing 767, with only two engines and fewer main landing gears. (00:30:10)

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Verbal Kint: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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Trivia: The personal bios of the characters are handed out in the order that they die in.

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