The Usual Suspects

Question: One thing doesn't make sense about the line-up: Benicio del Toro spoke that way for the entire movie. So what did he do in the line-up that was funny?


Answer: Basically, the actors were improvising their answers, and their inflection, and kept trying to make each other laugh. Director Bryan Singer was angry at first, but eventually decided it fit their characters and their disregard/disdain for authority, and so used the takes in which they were cracking up. In this particular moment, they were laughing at the beginning of del Toro's part because, apparently, he had just broken wind.

Question: At the beginning of the movie, we see everyone getting picked up by the police for the lineup. Everyone except for Verbal. Given that he had the power to orchestrate the lineup, did he get picked up as Verbal, or did he get there some other way?

Answer: Verbal is telling the story to Agent Kujon and makes it up as he goes based on things he sees around the room. Verbal Kint is a master manipulator, so to believe anything he says is ridiculous. The entire story is made up, as he tells it using various bits of truth and things he can see in front of him, which help him to remember his lies. That there even was a lineup would need to be verified to know for sure. The only fact of the story is that the ship burned and all but one witness and Kint are dead. Everything else is speculation based on the word of a known criminal and apparent habitual liar.

Question: Redfoot is the whole reason they ended up in LA (he was the fence), and the reason they got connected to Kobayashi through the attack on the drug dealer. So if he's just a made-up part of Verbal's story, how did they end up in LA, and how did they end up connected to Kobayashi?

Answer: The fence did exist, he just gave him a fake name. His real name wasn't Redfoot.

Question: If the entire movie was the depiction of the ingenious and elaborate planning of Keyser Soze to kill the one man who could positively identify him, then what was the point of this movie? I mean now everyone knows what he looks like since they have his sketch.

Answer: The point of the movie is entertainment, and the twist ending provides that. Within the movie, Soze doesn't care that everyone will know what he looks like any more.

Jason Hoffman
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Continuity mistake: Right before they rob the police car, a Boeing 747 (four engines) is seen in shots of the plane coming into land. When the plane is shown from behind, it is a Boeing 767, with only two engines and fewer main landing gears. (00:30:10)

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Suggested correction: It's for effect to show they were hanging out around the airport for more than a bit.

There's no evidence this was meant to be a montage scene of various planes. The cuts they did have in the first angle were of the same plane getting closer to build suspense. Same for the other angle. Plus, there's no scenes or shots of "them" waiting.

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Verbal Kint: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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Trivia: The personal bios of the characters are handed out in the order that they die in.

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