Urban Legend

Other mistake: The killer leaves the corpses of the Dean and Parker where they are and walks away, but they later appear in the room at Stanley Hall.


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Suggested correction: That is because the killer is moving around the bodies. Just like when Damon is killed. His body is not where it was left when Alicia Witt comes back with the cops.

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Suggested correction: Lawyer here - Not a mistake at all. She would be liable as an accessory, under aiding and abetting. The exact crime varies between common law jurisdictions, but she is laughing along when Michelle is speeding and terrorizing the other driver. In common law jurisdictions, that would be viewed as encouragement of Michelle's committing a crime (she explicitly says she didn't tell Michelle to stop), which is a form of abetting, and indeed carries criminal charges.


Plot hole: During the end the murderer is thrown out the front window of the building. The students leave the building through the front door, but yet there is no body, and that doesn't seem to bother them!

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Michael McDonnell, gas station attendant: Someone's in the back... seat.

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Trivia: At the very end of the movie when the new kids are telling the story, they make a sarcastic comment about the killer being the girl from the Noxzema commercials. The girl who played the killer, Rebecca Gayheart, really was the girl from the Noxzema commercials.

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Question: When Reese finds Sasha's body, you can hear Sasha's voice saying something over and over again, as if on a loop. Does anyone know a) what she's saying and b) what's causing it?


Chosen answer: She is saying "I'm not stuck, he is!" which was what the caller was saying when she was disconnected.

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