Tomb Raider

Factual error: In the fight scene in Lara's garage, she rides her motorbike towards the guy attacking her, does a front wheelie and knocks him out with the rear wheel by braking and turning the bike on its front wheel. The back end of the bike then gently lowers itself to the ground, rather than dropping heavily under the force of gravity.

Factual error: Lara's father's tombstone reads 'Lord Richard Croft'. Surely even brainless Hollywood types know that it should read either 'Lord Croft' or 'Richard, Lord Croft'?

Factual error: When Lara is about to be air-dropped into Cambodia, she concludes her transmission to the plane crew by saying: "Over and out." Even a novice two-way radio user would know better. "Over" means "I stop talking and await your reply", while "out" means "I am reply needed.goodbye." They cannot be used together.

Alan Rice

Factual error: When Lara is on the back of the robot extracting wires, you can see her from it's eyes. That's impossible due to the shape of the head.

Dr Wilson

Factual error: Here's the basic plot: every 5000 years, the planets align (viewed from "above" and the side). The last time this happened, a meteor fell to the Earth. The metal from the meteorite was used to make a Mystical Device, which can Stop Time, Give Great Power, and Do Other Things that require capital letters for emphasis. Without drawing this into a boring scientific lecture, I'll provide one aspect that would destroy the plot significantly; Pluto's orbit is tilted by a whopping 17 degrees from the plane of Earth's orbit (technically called the ecliptic), which is huge compared to the size of the planet itself. Check out

Factual error: When Lara looks through the telescope, it should be dark in the room.

Revealing mistake: When Lara gets out of the bath, you can see a strap on her shoulder which means that Lara wasn't naked when she got out of the bath.

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Lara Croft: To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, An eternity in an hour. William Blake.

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Answer: She wore a padded bra. However in the sequel she didn't wear any padding, and that's why her breasts are smaller in movie #2.

alex garrido

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