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Revealing mistake: When Lara Croft goes into the water near the end to try to save her male rival, Alex West, after he is stabbed and ground between the gears, when Lara stands up, you can see the make-up coming off her arm that covers Angelina Jolie's "Billy Bob" tattoo.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Lara Croft and Manfred Powell (Iain Glen) both draw their pistols and have them pointed at each others head. Powell suggest that the two put the guns down and settle it hand to hand. The two lay their guns down and fight. As the fight is progressing the cave is falling in around them. Laura knocks Powell out and begins to run for the exit and she does not slow down. As she makes it to the exit you can see her pistols in their holsters on her legs. This is edited from a longer sequence, as seen on DVD, but still a mistake in the theatrical release.

Revealing mistake: When Lara gets out of the bath, you can see a strap on her shoulder which means that Lara wasn't naked when she got out of the bath.

Continuity mistake: When Lara is holding onto the arm that has crushed Alex when Powell is saying that they can change his fate, she climbs up, but all of a sudden, she climbs up onto the ground where Powell is walking, and says "You had better be ready for this." If she was holding onto the arm which had stopped due to Alex's body being there how did she get to the ground so fast? You can see from the curve that it is the arm and NOT the ground.

Continuity mistake: When Powell is trying to get into the Tomb of the Dancing Light, you see Alex West take off his shirt and start pulling the rope. However, the very next shot is of the gate coming down, and he is standing in the bottom left hand of the screen, with his shirt on.

Revealing mistake: Towards the end, when the knife's being pulled out of someone, you can clearly see this was a retractable blade with a pre-painted blood-pattern, as the blood on the knife at his chest level doesn't change - it stays static as the knife handle rises.

Continuity mistake: In the scene with the time storms, when the dog jumps through the time storm, we see it change through the muscle and bone layers. But when Lara throws the clock in a time storm and reaches in for the piece, nothing happens to her hand.

Continuity mistake: During the Fight Scene between Lara Croft and Manfred Powell, after Lara has hit him in the throat and he collapses, she retrieves a locket from his clothing. The next shot is from a different angle, showing his prostrate form with only Lara's legs and waist visible, including the hand that held the locket. Guess what.. it's no longer in her hand.

Continuity mistake: When Lara is bungee-jumping in her house (just before Powell's henchmen break in to steal the clock) she takes her starting jump off the stone barrier upstairs. The shot shows the ropes are attached to the ceiling about a metre in front of her starting position. In the next shot though, she is bouncing from the middle of the room, in front of the central chandelier, so between shots, the ropes attached to the ceiling moved across.

Revealing mistake: In the scene in the ice cave, Lara rings the bell to break down the wall. Funny the icicles hanging from the bell never move or fall.

Continuity mistake: When the UPS man walks through the door into Lara's house, there is a close-up of his feet which shows him walking through debris from the previous night gunfight, but a longer shot shows no debris on the floor behind him. Then another close-up shot shows debris in front of him, which looks remarkably like the debris he's just supposed to have walked through.

Tomb Raider mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the bungee scene it is meant to be night-time, but when the camera pans up to the sky light you can clearly see blue sky and clouds.

Visible crew/equipment: Just before Lara wakes up and finds the clock, she is dreaming that she is outside entering a tent. As she puts out her hand to push the tarpaulin aside to go in, you can see the outline of a string or wire pulling the tarpaulin to one side.

Continuity mistake: Near the end when Alex West gets stabbed and falls into the water, he becomes jammed between the gears, and the rotating arms of the big machine stop. The next shot shows Manfred Powell walking around the edge of the water with the arms still moving.

Other mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Lara Croft and the bad guys are in the frozen ruins of an ancient civilisation. Upon reaching the outskirts of the ruins one of the characters mentions that the ancient city is a "dead zone" which I understood to mean it was an anomalous area where electrical devices wouldn't work - not just no communications, because the vehicles stop working and Bryce's laptop just dies. Once inside the city however, the laser rifle sight worked just fine.

Continuity mistake: When Lara hears the clock & finds where the noise is coming from,she smashes the fake wall in.When she does that,there is just a big hole but when we see the camera view from inside the secret room,there is a little piece of wood going right through the hole.

Factual error: In the fight scene in Lara's garage, she rides her motorbike towards the guy attacking her, does a front wheelie and knocks him out with the rear wheel by braking and turning the bike on its front wheel. The back end of the bike then gently lowers itself to the ground, rather than dropping heavily under the force of gravity.

Continuity mistake: Just before Lara finds the clock, she is coming down the stairs. If you look at the windows you can see light coming in, but when she goes outside to get Bryce, it is still dark and she even tells him that she found the clock last night.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Lara is fighting with Simon, he knocks her down on her back and you can see dust and dirt all over her back. She flips herself up and her back is now clean.


Continuity mistake: What happens to all the men that attack the house to steal the clock? She kicks loads of their arses, and they just disappear.

Lara Croft: Ah, Mr Powell.How Predictable.Alex West.What are you doing here?

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Trivia: The battle training robot is named "Simon" in the film, presumably after the director Simon West.

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Question: The Director states in the commentary that there are some clues to some kind of puzzle at certain scenes (such as When Lara is doing the bungee ballet and when Alex gets knifed). What are these clues that we're supposed to be looking for - something in the background? The action? Some kind of composition? And just what is the puzzle?

Answer: This movie left a lot of holes. It was pretty much: Lara knew what to do and she did it. Perhaps there are clues in the movie, but the book explains all the puzzles in much more detail (as books do). So if you are really interested in the deep puzzles of the adventure, the Tomb Raider book is what you should look at.


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