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Corrected entry: When Lara is in the Siberian village, and is talking to a little girl in Russian, the girl says "You'll risk it all for a chance to see him again." Lara: "Who?" Girl:"Your father." However, the girl said the last phrase "Tvoi Otetz" in Russian, when she should have said "Tvoevo Ottza." It's a big mistake in the Russian language. Not to mention an awful pronunciation for a native speaker.

Correction: The girl and her people are of Siberian peoples and not native Russian speakers. It makes sense that children would make grammatical mistakes in a language that is not their native language.

Corrected entry: Lara gets the first piece and is out of the jungle. At this point, if she has a brain, she should destroy the one piece she has, and the whole story is finished. (Remember, the idea and offer to use the triangle to bring her father back comes much later in the movie). (00:57:20)


Correction: Lara Croft is not only an adventurer but an antique collector. She would never destroy something so priceless if she feels that she can adequately protect it. To say that she should have done something else is entirely your opinion and that doesn't make it a mistake.

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Corrected entry: Lara is somehow able to drag Simon (the robot), which we can assume weighs hundreds, if not a thousand pounds or more, with relative ease in the beginning. This comes from the logic that he is all electronics and metal, which weigh quite a bit.

Correction: We don't know what kind of metal he is made of. If something light, like titanium, it would weigh a couple of hundred pounds and since Lara is obviously very physically fit, she would be able to drag Simon the distance she does in the movie.

Corrected entry: After Lara sees her father and returns to the pre-present to change the knife's direction, shouldn't there be two Laras since she's the future Lara and the 5 minutes before Lara was standing right beside Alex?

Correction: Yes, if that's how time travel works. But we don't know how it works.

Corrected entry: Why did her father hide the letter about the triangle in a valuable book, then entrust a crytpic clue letter to solicitors to be delivered on a certain date? He had no way to be sure the book would still be in the house after 16 years. It could have been sold or given away, or destroyed in a fire. It would have been safer to entrust his letter to Lara to the solicitors directly. (00:35:00)

Correction: He couldn't trust clues involving a dangerous secret society to be placed with a solicitor or being delivered by courier. It was a risk he had to take, and gamble it wouldn't be destroyed in a fire or something. He was confident Lara would be able to figure out the clues to get her quest going.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie where they show Lara as a kid, the kid has brown eyes while the adult Lara has blue/grey eyes.

Correction: When I was younger I had brown eyes, but now they're blue, so it can happen.

Corrected entry: Lara breaks into a secret room unknown to her when she hears the clock begin ticking. However on breaking into this room she knows exactly where to reach in order to flick the light switch on.

Correction: She looks at the light switch before she turns it on.

Corrected entry: The next day after the battle between Lara and all the troops after her clock takes place. The UPS man arrives, he steps through the open front doors in to Lara's mansion, then it cuts to his feet, when it cuts back to him, the doors he just came through are closed.

Correction: He doesn't come in through those doors. He comes in through the left. As we see Lara do near the end after visiting her father's grave. The doors are actually always closed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lara changes the direction of the knife, it is seen moving very slowly through the air in a straight line, point first. Knives rotate around their centre of gravity when thrown.

Correction: If you throw it correctly it will indeed travel in a straight line, that's how you can be sure it will stick.

Corrected entry: In the garage scene, when Lara does the donut on the motorcycle, she does not use the hand brake to keep the front wheel from rolling. That trick is impossible without the front brake being applied. (00:33:00)

Correction: Well, the stunt was accomplished. I don't think they digitally edited the scene just to make it look like she didn't use the brake.

Corrected entry: When the history of the two parts of the triangle is being told by Lara's father, he said that the people of light broke the triangle in two pieces and hid each bit on opposites sides of the world. (Indeed, you see a cut scene of two horsemen going in opposite directions). Yet the second part is in the ruins of the ancient city of the people of light - quite an obvious place to start looking for it.

Correction: It's just the opposite: if you knew that they have hidden such a powerful thing, you'd never search in their city. Whether you should find it, you would need both pieces to have it working, and the safest place to hide the other half (for someone living that many years before Christ) would be the opposite side of the world.

Corrected entry: Towards the end, time is frozen with a thrown knife in midair. Lara turns the knife around, then she lets time go to normal speed. The knife changes direction, whereas it should have kept going in the same direction, just butt-end first.

Correction: I think this can be argued. All the atoms in that knife are heading in one direction. After she turns the knife, the atoms too have turned, and therefore could keep going in the direction they were going (now back from where they came). Nevertheless, this is impossible to call a mistake unless you stop time and try it yourself.


Corrected entry: Lara tries to cook her meal, which is in a metallic tray, in a microwave. You are not supposed to put anything metallic in a microwave. Even though her food exploded, the metallic tray had no effect in the microwave when in reality, there should have been fireworks in the microwave as soon as she turned it on.

Correction: It's not metallic. I dont know what it's called in english but it can go into the microwave.

Corrected entry: When the UPS man arrives the morning after the gunfight in Lara's house, he must have built-in springs in his shoes. There is not enough time for him to switch the engine off and get out of the van, before he appears in the shot.

Correction: Brake and jump out. No need to turn the engine off.

Corrected entry: A room inside a house is a bad place for a telescope. 3 Mistakes: Anyone walking around will shake the image, for one. The lights on in the room would make it impossible to see anything, for another. And, even with the best telescopes on Earth, Pluto looks like a little dot. It's too small and too far away to show much of a disk. Even Uranus and Neptune are small disks through a big telescope.

Correction: Kids have telescopes in their bedroom all the time. Lara just has a really big one. Doesnt matter if it shakes, you can always turn off the lights. As for the size of the planet, if it was only a dot people would be writing a mistake saying they forgot Pluto.

Corrected entry: After Lara has fought with Simon, the butler follows her up the stairs but halfway along he is back with Simon to turn off the music. Then he's back with Lara.

Correction: He follows her and then she goes in the shower. Its during this time that he turns the music off and is probably supposed to go back upstairs to her when she's finished.

Corrected entry: Just after Lara steals the first half of the triangle, she is at the top of a waterfall, and Alex points a gun at her and tells her to give it up. She then jumps, and it pans out to a far shot of the waterfall, where you see something small and white fall the length of the waterfall. However, Lara was wearing black.

Correction: It can be seen that she is wearing black just before she hits the water, when she looks white it is because of the sun reflecting off her, which can also be seen on the waterfall.

Corrected entry: When Lara enters the ancient temple, all the candles in the backround aren't lit, but shortly after the rest of the expedition arrive, the candles can clearly be seen lit up...

Correction: It's true that the candles aren't lit, but if you watch closely you will see that the candles are lit by the light that comes out of the urn when Lara pierces it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the leader of the Illuminati is trying to join the two halves of the triangle, he is shot by a bunch of soldiers in the distance. You can see them and their laser sights clearly as they shoot. However, when you see him being shot, you don't see any laser sight dots on his chest anywhere while he is being shot.

Correction: Explanation? They shot him in the back. If you look, you can see that the men are lined up on the ledge behind him, which would explain why he didn't react to it.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Lara is turning the knife to point at Powell, the water behind him is moving, and so are the globe-things behind Lara. They shouldn't have done that, what with time being stopped, and all...

Correction: No, time hasn't stopped, it is merely moving backwards. This also explains why the knife is moving back towards Powell and not hanging in mid air.

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Revealing mistake: When Lara Croft goes into the water near the end to try to save her male rival, Alex West, after he is stabbed and ground between the gears, when Lara stands up, you can see the make-up coming off her arm that covers Angelina Jolie's "Billy Bob" tattoo.

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Lara Croft: Ah, Mr Powell.How Predictable.Alex West.What are you doing here?

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Answer: She wore a padded bra. However in the sequel she didn't wear any padding, and that's why her breasts are smaller in movie #2.

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