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Corrected entry: While Powell is getting a massage outside the temple, he talks to Lara over the phone - Powell is using an Ericsson phone that is not flipped open and cannot be used in this state.

Correction: That model of Ericsson phone can be used without fliping it open, I have one myself.

Corrected entry: According to Lara's father, the two halves of the triangle were hidden on opposite sides of the world. However, Siberia and Cambodia are both on the same continent. The opposite side of the world from these two countries would be somewhere around South America.

Correction: You wouldn't expect people from 5,000 years ago to actually know that there was such a continent as America, which was "discovered" in 1492... They hid the triangles in opposite sides of the world they knew.

Revealing mistake: When Lara gets out of the bath, you can see a strap on her shoulder which means that Lara wasn't naked when she got out of the bath.

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Bryce: My ignorance amuses me... My ignorance amuses me?
Lara Croft: Yes well I've always found your ignorance quite amusing.

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Trivia: Daniel Craig only did this film because his agent told him it would help raise his profile in the United States. He later regretted starring in it as he hated the script and called it the worst mistake of his career.


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Question: The Director states in the commentary that there are some clues to some kind of puzzle at certain scenes (such as When Lara is doing the bungee ballet and when Alex gets knifed). What are these clues that we're supposed to be looking for - something in the background? The action? Some kind of composition? And just what is the puzzle?

Answer: This movie left a lot of holes. It was pretty much: Lara knew what to do and she did it. Perhaps there are clues in the movie, but the book explains all the puzzles in much more detail (as books do). So if you are really interested in the deep puzzles of the adventure, the Tomb Raider book is what you should look at.


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