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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, at Hillary Whitney's funeral, CC is standing near the casket and she slowly walks away. While she walks away she pulls up a cord with her foot.

Correction: This wire could be used for anything. It could easily be a wire for the microphone used for the funeral service, as there is a large marquee set up to the left.


Corrected entry: When CC goes to John's house as a singing telegram, she enters the building with a basket in her hand. She puts it down outside the door, and doesn't pick it up again, even when she comes down the stairs with him. When she leaves the building, she has the basket again.

Correction: She could have left it by the door, went upstairs empty handed, and then picked it up again as she left.


Corrected entry: When CC is watching Hillary and Victoria hug and then she walks down to sit with Hillary, if you look on the ground under the sand you can see wires all over the place.

Correction: There are no visible wires 'all over the place' in this scene.


Corrected entry: In the scene after Victoria is born and CC and Hillary are in the hospital room, you can see CC's microphone on her head in the back.

Correction: It's not a microphone wire, it's part of her hair accessory. You can see the end of it, and it's not a wire.


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the girls are reading each other's letters, at one point Hillary is competing in a horse show. Doesn't it seem a little silly that she's reading CC's letter as she sits on her horse in the middle of a competition?


Correction: Hillary's not actually competing at the moment she's reading, she is basically practicing before the competition and warming up, so she does not have to be focused.

Continuity mistake: When Leona is telling CC that they will pack up and leave to go see her father, there is an orange shirt on the desk to her left. In the next shot, as she gets up, it has vanished, then it reappears when Hilary goes over there.


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CC Bloom: But enough about me, let's talk about you... what do you think of me?

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Question: When Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey are at the laundromat, they are playing cards. All of a sudden the old man in the background starts laughing. Then Bette and Barbara start laughing? Is this a laugh fest?

Answer: He overheard CC say that a man would never do a woman's laundry no matter how much he loved her. Which is true.

Answer: The man laughs because he is mentally challenged, and Bette and Barbara just begin to laugh at him. A bit un-PC.


Answer: First of all, it was a woman. Second, she heard CC say that men never want to do laundry not even for their woman.

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