Continuity mistake: The scrub CC wears as she walks into the hospital room, as Hilary is in labour, keeps on changing position. It alternates from hanging off / being on her shoulder, without her touching it.

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Continuity mistake: When Leona is telling CC that they will pack up and leave to go see her father, there is an orange shirt on the desk to her left. In the next shot, as she gets up, it has vanished, then it reappears when Hilary goes over there.

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Continuity mistake: When CC is working on a movie, she gets out of the car and yells at the director, and the subsequently punches him. The man in the car, in the background, has a hat which keeps disappearing in some shots.

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Trivia: Lainie Kazan plays Bette Midler's mother in the film, even though in real life she's only 5 years older than Midler.

CC Bloom: But enough about me, let's talk about you... what do you think of me?

Hillary: I'm not stubborn, I'm... right.

Young C.C.: Iris Myandowski is a hand-walking queer.

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Question: When Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey are at the laundromat, they are playing cards. All of a sudden the old man in the background starts laughing. Then Bette and Barbara start laughing? Is this a laugh fest?

Chosen answer: The man laughs because he is mentally challenged, and Bette and Barbara just begin to laugh at him. A bit un-PC.


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