Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Question: If the T-1000 doesn't have a central processor, then how was it programmed?

Answer: I'm not going to give the whole long answer here. Look up distributed processing and nanobots on Google. Basically millions of tiny processors doing one job each is equally efficient or actually superior to one processor doing multiple jobs.

Grumpy Scot

Question: The T-1000 kills the cop at the beginning. He takes his clothes, but he never takes shape of the cop. So why don't other cops get suspicious? After all, they might have heard a news report that Officer Austin died, and they see a completely different looking man in his uniform.

Answer: Why would they? Throughout the film the T-1000 keeps to himself and only once or twice even comes close to meeting the police. The first is when he tells one officer, "Say, thats a nice bike" and the other when he gets rid of the pilot in the helicopter. We don't know if other police even noticed him or even realised that he wasn't an actual policeman. Being that it had no bearing on the films plot line it was never an issue to discuss further in the film.

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Question: When the T-1000 is impersonating Janelle, why did he act concerned? When he first meets Janelle and Todd and asks about John, they both look annoyed and even sound angry. Why didn't the T-1000 act this way too after his observation of how they reacted?

Answer: The T-1000 is trying to lure John home, or get him to reveal his location, so why would it act angry? It acts concerned so John will let his guard down. This, of course, backfires, because it acts TOO nice and tips John off.

And is why the T800 confirms his parents are dead by asking about the dog.

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Question: Is it (or was it, as the case may be) really a common practice to put keys in the visor? (And why?)

Answer: It's not really "common" per se, but some surveys indicate that up to one in seventeen people in the US routinely leaves their keys in the car overnight. If you do so, it's only logical to put them in a place where they can't be easily seen yet you will be able to find them. It's just luck that it happens to work out for Arnold in this movie.


Question: When John said "I order you not to go", why didn't that work? Doesn't the T-800 have to do what John says?


Answer: The T-800 has been learning since he has been with John and Sarah. John specifically has been teaching him to have compassion for human life. Stopping Skynet from ever coming to be is the ultimate way to protect humanity, even more important than following John's order to stay with him. In short, he has overcome his programming and is making a selfless sacrifice.


Question: On the bridge after the crash, they take a man's small pickup truck. What is written on the bumper sticker?


Chosen answer: Praise the Lord.


Question: What does the bartender say to Arnold after he gets off the bike, right before Arnold grabs the shotgun?

Answer: "That's it, goddammit."


Question: The Connors and Dyson go to great lengths to make sure the original T-800's chip and severed arm are destroyed so that it can never be rebuilt by CyberDyne. However, the "good" T-800's arm was also severed and left inside the heavy cog machinery during the fight against the T-1000 at the steel mill. Surely this leaves a plot hole, in that someone could retrieve THIS arm and still use the technology to recreate the T-800 one day? (albeit without the chip).


Answer: The chip was the main reason they could replicate the technology, the arm an added bonus. The first arm was intact too, this one is crushed, probably beyond recognition. When the factory gets remodeled, they will probably simply break it all out of the machinery and throw it away without knowing what it is.


Answer: From a real world perspective, the film was pretty long with a dense plot. Besides a lot of changes occurring, a lot was left out and the decision to show what Sarah and John ultimately did to the crushed arm may have just been left out. However, in Randall Frakes' novelization of the film, it mentions that John remembers the crushed arm and retrieves it and throws it in. As an audience, it seems we are to assume it being crushed was the same as it being destroyed.


Question: Why was Kyle Reese removed from the theatrical version of this movie? Why is he only present in the extended version?

Answer: Movies typically film more scenes than are used in the final theatrical version. During the editing process, certain scenes may no longer result in a tight story, lose the continuity, slows the pace, or otherwise muddles the plot. The film's length might also run too long limiting how many times a movie can be shown in a theater per day and affecting ticket sales. Restoring the cut scenes in the DVD version serves several purposes. The director can re-edit the film in the way they originally envisioned. Deleted scenes are often added as a separate bonus feature to help market the DVD. Both help increase DVD sales. The Kyle scene may not have fitted the story line and/or it made the running time too long.

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Question: 1. Why was Dyson holding the detonator in that way where dropping his hand would set off the bomb? Did he willingly set it off, or was he stuck in a position where he couldn't avoid it? 2. Was there any reason only one terminator was sent back to kill John? Wouldn't multiple terminators increase the chance of success, considering the last one failed to kill Sarah?


Answer: For your first question. Dyson was dying, no way to stop that. He was holding the detonator like that as a literal "dead man's switch". He needed the swat team to get close enough before he would die and drop his arm or warn them to get away, showing the urgency of the situation. One look at him and the lead guy knew they had to run, allowing the others more time to get away. He sacrificed himself to buy more time. For Question 2. It's been stated several times that the terminator was sent back in both T1 and T2 as the last resort as Skynet was being destroyed and taken over. The Humans were at the gate and the time machine was still experimental and new. Had Skynet had more time to do it, sure, they would likely have sent an army back. However only one could go in at a time and the Humans got there just in time to stop Skynet and send one of their own back in time after the single terminator.

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Answer: 1) Dyson's plan was to blow up the Cyberdyne office, but didn't want to cause any casualties in the SWAT team. He held an object above the detonator as to allow them time to escape, so that when he died he would drop it onto the detonator, the office would get blown up but no innocent people got hurt. He likely knew he wasn't going to get out alive, but made sure none of the data in the office was going to stay behind. 2) One of the most important things for a Terminator to do is to blend in with the public to prevent any suspicion from being drawn to it and prevent people from finding out about Skynet's existence. Had Skynet sent back multiple Terminators all trying to kill John Connor at once, far more suspicion would be drawn to them. It'd be much easier for them to send back one Terminator because that would be a better way of blending in with its surroundings.

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Question: What did Sarah and Enrique say to each other in Spanish, before greeting each other?


Answer: Sarah also calls Enrique "sneaky like a snake."

Jukka Nurmi

Answer: All I hear is Sarah saying, "Enrique? You here?" And Enrique says, "Good to see you, Connor. Always knew you'd come back" or something like that.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Is the T-1000 aware that the T-800 also travelled back in time? When Todd mentions a "big guy on a bike" looking for John the T-1000 gives a knowing look, but how would he know about the T-800?


Answer: He told the foster parents, "I wouldn't worry about him" (or something to that effect). It didn't really matter who the biker was - John (and his foster parents) were in danger from the T-1000 himself.


Answer: It's never made clear within the film; however, the T-1000 may have been programmed to anticipate that the human resistance might send a reprogrammed T-800 back to the same point in time for unexplained reasons, such as surveillance by Skynet in the future, or Skynet could have simply anticipated such an action by the resistance, especially seeing as how the resistance had already sent Kyle Reese back in the first film.


Question: This has always been a question between my friend and I. Why does the T-800 take the sunglasses in the movie?In the first movie it made sense, to hide the glowing eye. Here it appears to serve no purpose beyond appearance. Is there any other reason beyond this?

Answer: The real life answer is because the sunglasses are part of the Terminator's signature look. The in universe answer is because they are a clothing item that will augment his appearance. He also takes a leather jacket he doesn't need. He would look perfectly normal with just the gray T-shirt but since the biker was also wearing the jacket, he took that as well.


Answer: By best guess, I believe it is because of the glow in the eyes. The mechanical eyes, as seen when the skin is gone, are glowing red lights and they aren't exactly dim. This could potentially shine through skin, or eye tissue, like when you hold a flashlight against your hand. In a dim lighting, like at night, it could be possible to see the glow of these mechanical parts behind the already thin tissue of the organic parts of the eye, and thus give him away.

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That would make them very poor infiltration units, wouldn't it?

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Question: The 3 of them escape the T-1000 after the mental hospital and end up in the desert. Arnold explains the history of Skynet to Sarah and one line of dialogue that has confused me for so many years is me is that he says Skynet became self aware at 2:14am Eastern time. That would be 11:14pm in Los Angeles. Why does the film imply the bombs were dropped during the late morning or early afternoon?


Answer: The only indication of the time of the bombing was Sarah's nightmare, which was based on the story told to her by Kyle Reese. Despite this, even with Skynet becoming self-aware in the late evening / night, it doesn't mean it launched the missiles instantly. It may have chosen to wait before attacking.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where the Terminator and the T-1000 are fighting in the corridors of The Galleria, the Terminator has fired multiple shots at the T-1000. When he gets up off the floor, the Terminator throws him into the left wall and the impact hole is already visible before he hits. (00:31:45)


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Dr. Silberman: You broke my arm!
Sarah Connor: There's 215 bones in the human body. That's one.

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Suggested correction: In one of the special features on the Blu-ray version, director James Cameron can be seen holding and shooting the minigun, while saying: "Arnold's gonna love this."

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