Continuity mistake: When child Tarzan jumps in the lake with the elephants the water is only up to the elephants' feet, but the underwater shot shows the elephants swimming.

Continuity mistake: When Jane snatches her drawing back from the baby monkey she tucks it into her belt. The picture disappears while she is being chased by the fleet of baboons. The picture returns again after the chase before Tarzan snatches it to return to the baby monkey.


Continuity mistake: After Tarzan fights the leopard, and at the point when the gorillas and him run off, the dead leopard is missing.

Continuity mistake: When Tarzan decides to become the new leader of the apes, his hair is waving in a strong wind, but the rain is pouring straight down.

Continuity mistake: When Clayton is drawing on the chalkboard his shotgun is leaning against it. After Tarzan takes the chalk and draws all over the chalkboard, the gun has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Tarzan says "A hair?" and Terk replies "Yeah, a hair", their hair is blowing in different directions with the same current of wind.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jane is telling her father about Tarzan, and Clayton calls it a "girlish fantasy", Tarzan jumps into the camp. Throughout the entire scene, Jane's hair was slightly tied back, but when Tarzan comes very close to her and says "Jane", it's down. The next shot it's slightly up again.

Continuity mistake: During the fight with Sabor, Kala receives two claw marks on her right cheek. Later, when she reunites with the gorillas, the claw marks are gone.

Continuity mistake: As young Tarzan fixes his spear, he's sitting on a moss covered branch, and just behind him on his left is another branch growing from the one he's sitting on. After the shot of the yellow fruit, it returns to Tarzan. Assuming he hasn't moved from his spot, the branch that was behind him should still be there, but isn't.


Continuity mistake: When Sabor's right leg gets caught in some rope, her tail disappears. When Sabor is seen tangled up in rope, her tail reappears.

Continuity mistake: When Sabor attacks Kala and Tarzan, her ears change from black and white to yellow and white when she focuses her attention on Tarzan and to black and white again when she jumps off Kala.

Continuity mistake: After the elephant stampede, Tarzan apologizes to Kerchak, whose left hand is visibly about a foot and a half from him. But in the next shot, when Tarzan attempts to touch his hand, it's only a couple inches away.


Continuity mistake: When Tarzan brings the group to where the gorillas are and they come out from hiding you can see the biggest Gorilla in the middle looks exactly like Kerjack, at a point when Terk and Tantor are suppose to be distracting Kerjack away from the camp.

Continuity mistake: When Tarzan is climbing the tree as "Son of Man" starts, the continuity of the bark, vines and moss on the tree doesn't match between shots. Example: Just before he begins to climb, there's no bark on the tree. When he reaches up, there's bark. After he slips, he stops in a barkless area, but it's the same area where there should have been vines and moss as there was previously. After Kerchak passes him, there's more bark on the tree than there was in the previous shot, and so on.


Continuity mistake: When child Tarzan jumps in the lake with the elephants the water is only up to the elephants' feet, but the underwater shot shows the elephants swimming.

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Kerchak: You came back.
Tarzan: I came home.

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Trivia: The tea set in the movie is the tea set from "Beauty & The Beast". There is even a tea cup with a chip in it.

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Question: Throughout the movie we rarely see Clayton reload his gun. It looks like a twin barrel shotgun. During the final fight between Tarzan and Clayton how could he have fired more than 2 rounds without reloading it?

Chris Thomson

Chosen answer: Simply put he couldn't. It's a clear mistake.


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