Corrected entry: In the scene where Tarzan changes from boy to adult and is under water with Tantor, he pulls Tantor up by his trunk so it is above the surface and Tantor can breathe through it. At the end of the film, Tantor dives into the sea to help Tarzan, who is on the ship. Tantor is under water but sticks his trunk up through the surface. He then uses it as a periscope, shown complete with "trunk hole view". But Tantor cannot see through his trunk - his eyes are next to it. Even if done as a gag, it's still a mistake.

Correction: This kind of gag is artistic license. That makes it a pass so it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Leopards only live around 12-15 years, but in this movie Sabor makes two appearances which, judging by Tarzan's age, are at least twenty years apart. In both of these scenes he appears to be a healthy adult.

Correction: There is nothing to indicate that it MUST be the same leopard. The Gorillas refer to "Sabor" which is likely their word for leopard. They very probably refer to every leopard as "Sabor".

Corrected entry: When Kala (Tarzan's ape mother) finds baby Tarzan at the house on the tree she also finds a portrait of his dead parents which has the glass broken. Later on the film, the glass is perfectly OK before Tarzan steps on it and breaks it once again.

Correction: You never actually see the picture before Tarzan steps on it. You can still see the same break in the glass while Tarzan is wiping the dust away.


Corrected entry: When Jane and Tarzan return to the camp and the ape knocks Jane down, she picks up a ladle. The first ladle is bent and then the next shot shows a straight ladle, and then the bent one is back.

Correction: If you actually look the ladle handle is actually straight, it is from the angle that it is drawn from and the illusion of the ladle reflecting Kerchak's image that makes the ladle appear bent.

Corrected entry: When the apes are playing with the typewriter, the carriage goes the wrong way.

Correction: When the carriage release is pushed, the carriage of a typewriter can go either way.

Corrected entry: Tarzan was only a baby when his parents were killed, and apparently a nonverbal one. When he learns English, his teachers speak with a British pronunciation. Since the British manner of pronouncing words is the only way he's been exposed to, his speech should sound closer to British than American.

Correction: In the film the gorillas have their own language which Tarzan speaks, so when he learns English it's not far-fetched to assume he speaks with a "Gorilla accent" as represented by the American accent.

Corrected entry: When Tarzan and Clayton are in the tree fighting and Tarzan gets the gun, he breaks it on the tree. Or does he? On the DVD it appears in slow motion that the gun breaks before it hits the tree, right where it would hit Clayton's crotch. Ow.

Correction: The rules of this site are perfectly clear - if you have to use slow motion to spot it, it is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: This is rather nasty, but look in the background, rather than at the characters, when Clayton has just fallen to his death. The lightning flash briefly illuminates the shadow of Clayton hanging, against the scenery.

He's My Brother

Correction: This is completely intentional. It is meant for people to notice, so they can know what happened to Clayton.

Corrected entry: The elephants talk about piranhas and how they only live in South America not in Africa. But how do the elephants know this in the first place?

Correction: They heard all about it from some passing birds that had visited South America. Elephants are notorious knowledge junkies and always like to discuss matters both important and trivial with anyone they should happen to meet.

Tailkinker Premium member

Correction: Considering how many animals would have passed through the house during those 20 something years it's safe to assume one of them would have flipped the picture over.

Corrected entry: When the humans are capturing all of the gorillas, why is Clayton the only one with a gun? They want them alive, but hunting gorillas unarmed is not wise.

Correction: Clayton isn't the only one with a gun. You often see others being fired. The rest of the men are armed in some other way (swords, whips, etc.).

Corrected entry: Tarzan has obviously been eating all along and hadn't brushed his teeth, yet they're still shiny white.

Correction: Teeth don't just go all brown from not brushing them. In almost ten years I've rarely brushed my teeth, and they're fine. One's tongue and the occasional twig or rag do the job just fine.

Correction: He doesn't seem to have much body hair either. I think we can assume that he has a sparse amount of hair on his body and face, but it's omitted for the same reason that not every character has a full set of eyelashes in every scene.

Corrected entry: When Tarzan is discovered by the female gorilla he is wearing a nappy. He has it on for the whole time he is a baby. Who changes it?

Correction: The baby Tarzan is only shown for the first day when Kala finds him. We don't see him growing up into the boy (where he wears a loin cloth.) So we don't know what happens to baby Tarzan as he grows up and whether he gets his nappy changed.

Corrected entry: When the gorilla goes into the house with Tarzan you can see the window is broken, How did they get windows?

Correction: The windows came from the ship his parents were on. Remember when they climb the tree to build their house? They have a whole bunch of stuff from the ship, and you can see windows among everything.

Deliberate mistake: When Tarzan fights with the leopard, it scratches his chest. However after they fall into the pit and Tarzan comes out carrying the dead leopard, the scratches on his chest have amazingly healed. [It is a long-standing Disney tradition that no evidence of violence is shown on screen. Still a mistake, but there's why].

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Kerchak: You came back.
Tarzan: I came home.

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Trivia: The tea set in the movie is the tea set from "Beauty & The Beast". There is even a tea cup with a chip in it.

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Question: After Sabor the leopard jumps on the net to kill baby Tarzan, it instead launches him up to Kala, who catches him by the diaper. Why does Kala move Tarzan up and down several times?

Answer: Kala, who was on the floor above the netting, was attempting to pull baby Tarzan up through the space around the pole, but it was too small for an infant to fit through. Kala instead pulled Tarzan by his diaper along the slit between the boards to the end of the floor where she could then reach over and pick him up.

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