Clayton tricks Tarzan into getting on the boat with Jane so that Clayton can lock them all up. Turns out Clayton plans to kill/hunt/sell the gorillas. Tarzan's friends free him from the boat and he and Jane arrive in the jungle to stop the bandits, but Kerchac has already been shot. Clayton and Tarzan face off in the treetops, where Tarzan says he's a man, but he's not like Clayton. Clayton draws a machete and tries to cut Tarzan up, but he gets caught in vines, cutting several of them, but in such a way that he ends up hanging himself. Tarzan runs to Kerchac, who makes him the leader of the gorillas, then dies.As Jane and her father are on a boat to go back to England, they both decide to stay in the jungle instead of going back to England.

Factual error: When the humans are capturing the gorillas, Clayton fires about 15 rounds from his double rifle. This is pretty impressive, considering this is the early 1900's.

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Jane Porter: I was saved! I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth.

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Trivia: At the beginning of the film, when baby Tarzan is blowing spit bubbles, the bubbles look a lot like Mickey Mouse. It's a long standing Disney tradition to put "hidden Mickeys" in their movies.

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Question: Throughout the movie we rarely see Clayton reload his gun. It looks like a twin barrel shotgun. During the final fight between Tarzan and Clayton how could he have fired more than 2 rounds without reloading it?

Chris Thomson

Chosen answer: Simply put he couldn't. It's a clear mistake.


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