Tango & Cash

Continuity mistake: Stallone confronts the guy pulling spaghetti out of his fridge, causing him to drop it. When he is pulling the plate out of the fridge, there is no fork. When Stallone looks down, there is a fork on the plate.

manthabeat Premium member

Factual error: When Stallone shoots the tanker to show that it's being used to transport cocaine, he's apparently stumbled onto the only drug dealers who don't ship cocaine in bricks. There is no way that the coke would flow out of the bullethole like that.

Continuity mistake: Tango and Cash play good cop, bad cop with the bad guy on the roof of the building by taping a grenade to his mouth and intimidate him by threatening to pull the pin. They get the information that they need out of him. Cash says "We scared him so bad, he is standing in a puddle and it's not raining". They then take the grenade, pull the pin and stuff it down his trousers. The next shot is the grenade coming out his trouser leg onto the ground where there is no puddle to be found.

Continuity mistake: During the brawl in the prison boiler room, Tango hits one of the cons with the hatch of one of the boilers. Tango holds onto the boiler in one shot but not in the next.

Continuity mistake: When you see Conan on the surveillance screen inside the prison, screaming, "Bring them to me!" his hands are at pretty much shoulder level on the bars. But, in the very next shot of him, his hands are much lower on the bars, not even in the shot.

Audio problem: When Tango takes his first shot at the tanker at the beginning, the guy in the passenger seat says, "Shit!" However, the way his lips move, that can't possibly be what he's saying.

Plot hole: How did Rakeen get off the roof? He was still tied up when Tango and Cash left him there, and nobody would know that he was up there, so nobody would've gone up there to cut him loose. Still, he shows up at Perette's compound all the same.

Other mistake: After Tango and Cash go down the chute and into the boiler room, Conan approaches them and says, "On the road, this pig and his cop friends broke my ribs, my leg, and my jaw" without an accent. All of the other lines that he had before, he had a Mexican accent. It also seems like all of his other lines after that point are said without an accent as well.

Other mistake: When Cash runs for the wire when escaping the prison in the long shots the stunt man's hair isn't plastered down with the rain and also where was Kurt Russell is wearing a muscle vest his stuntman is wearing a t shirt with sleeves.


Continuity mistake: When Tango & Cash are standing on top of the building, getting ready to run and slide down the wire, the type of t-shirt Cash is wearing keeps changing. It switches between a sleeveless shirt (when shown from the front) and short sleeves shirt (when shown from the back).


Continuity mistake: The stripper blows smoke in a guy's face out in the alleyway. When the shot switches to the guy, the smoke has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: Cash spins out the truck of the bad guy and it stops all forward momentum, but in the next shot it is racing at full speed. The truck then takes out many overhead fluorescent lights. Why has no other vehicle ever hit those lights? Then the truck partially knocks down 7 lights in a row, leaving them hanging vertically. They were damaged enough to knock them off the ceiling - but they are all undamaged enough to still be operating: keep in mind that these are fragile fluorescent lights. But no damage is done to the floodlights on the roof of the truck. (00:08:00)

Bill McIntyre

Catherine: And I promise, Lieutenant, that I will be a good girl.
Tango: There it is. Key word: good. See, you're telling me that you're going to be this good girl because you know, don't you, automatically I think you're going to be bad.

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Question: At the start, why does Tango empty his gun (of unused cartridges) and reload with different bullets before shooting the tanker? Unless I missed something, it's never explained.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: He was doing a combat reload, where you eject all the rounds, spent or not and fill the revolver with new ones. It guarantees six shots, rather than relying on "indexing" where you count every round fired.


Answer: It's not specified, but I would suspect that he changed from a .38 Special to a .357 round or something. You can shoot a .38 Special out of a .357 Magnum gun and maybe for the movie they wanted to add a shot of him doing a reload to a higher power cartridge for the effect. Why anyone with a .357 Magnum gun would routinely carry a .38 Special round is beyond me.

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